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Exploring The Heritage Of Galle Fort

Exploring The Heritage Of Galle Fort

Galle has been known to the seafaring world since the days of King Solomon and is famed for its rich mix of colonial and Sri Lankan heritage. A visit to Galle Fort was on our wishlist for long…

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Bangalore

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Bangalore

ormerly called the Garden City, Bangalore has slowly transformed itself into one of the fast-growing cities, technology-wise. Although the city has grown leaps and bounds, it still hasn’t forgotten its roots. This is why you will find a fair share...


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The Old Man With Prayer Beads

A very patient Ladakhi gentleman in a traditional attire and a prayer bead always in his hands, who agreed to pose for us.

Faces From Jammu & Kashmir – Kargil & Apati

At Kargil and Apati, we got a priceless opportunity to peek into the lives of the people of Apati and some great portraits !

Faces from Jammu & Kashmir – The Bakarwals

Bakarwals are nomadic tribal spread across the Pir Panjal and Himalayas and are mostly shepherds. They live in tents and keep moving from one place to another.

Faces from Jammu & Kashmir – Wusan

Starting a series of portraiture posts dedicated to the charming people of Kashmir and Laddakh, the first in the series being Wusan where we spent two days.

Different Faces of the Legong Dance

Various Faces of the Balinese Legong Dance by the accomplished dancers of the Sadha Budaya Troupe in the Ubud Palace

A Mouthful of Sky

A Mouthful of Sky

A mouthful of sky in Pune, the hide and seek of sun and the clouds gave us two beautiful photographs.

The Guards at Wat Pho

The Guards at Wat Pho

At Wat Pho, there are mysterious statutes of fierce-looking warriors which look like soldiers straight from China's terracotta army. There statues have a distinct Chinese influence on them and may have been gifted by Chinese kings. What is their purpose? Are they the...


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Experiencing Food Meditation In Bikaner

Food meditation is a mindful way of waking up to the miracles of ordinary life that we usually tend to ignore, a taste of the world to come. We experienced this all in Bikaner.

Martini and Grills at Novotel Imagica

It was the first weekend of the much awaited monsoons and we were already chilling out at the Nitro Bar, Novotel Imagica, on an invite to preview the new Martini and Grills menu.


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