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Puru and Ekta

Shadows Galore is a weblog about Travel, Photography, Lifestyle and Community Partnership. Here, you will find travelogues, travel tips, photo essays, photography lessons, book reviews, film reviews and much more.

The Team

Puru: An IT Project Manager based in Pune. I am a traveler, photographer and blogger, in that order. You will my articles ranging from travel and photography to books and cinema.. Happily married to Ekta.

Ekta: A Business Analyst working with an IT Company in Pune, India. I love traveling and have acquired a flair for photography. You can find my travelogues from USA and beyond on our blog. I dream to become an entrepreneur someday.

Our Journey

Shadows Galore started as a photo-blog on blogspot to fulfill the requirements of a photography competition sometime in 2010. After more than one year of hibernation, we revived it again on 24th June 2011 and started including travelogues along with the photographs we were clicking from our newly purchased cameras. This continued till we felt the need to expand further and migrated to our own self hosted platform. Slowly we started expanding the scope and added our own learning from photography, snippets from our passion for cinema and books. What you see currently is Shadows Galore 4.0, based on a powerful platform to give strength to our wings.

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Explore the world with us while we talk about our travels, photographs, food, books, films and much more !


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Friends who made it possible ..

Sandy Vaishali Bose Tulika Omkar Madhu
Ankur Debdyuti Swati prasad

In this journey, we have found immense love of our readers and will remain indebted to our friends who pitched in with their own stories. Special mention to Swati, Jayant, Siva, Prabhdeep and Meena – the Guardian angels of this blog who have made valuable contributions to make Shadows Galore what it is now – among the prominent travel blogs in India and getting stronger everyday.

A Big Thank You !

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Recently Shadows Galore has started getting some recognition .. lot more to achieve ..

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