Refreshingly Sri Lanka 5: Dambulla Caves

rom Anuradhapura we proceeded towards our last destination before we went back to Kandy, Dambulla. But before that we needed to eat something. So Suresh took us to the new Anuradhapura town where we had a great lunch. During the chit-chat he said...
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The Rice Terraces of Bali

Bali is famous for its rice terraces, sprawling paddy terraces cultivated in the traditional Balinese style in terraced fields.

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Bali: Eat, Gawk, Love in Ubud

We stayed in Ubud for three days and wished that we had  stayed more, for this beautiful town opens up to you in the form of a beautiful lotus. The more you explore, the more it astonishes you. Ubud darshan started with food (what else?). We were already famished by...
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Sri Lanka: Beautiful Sights And Delicious Foods

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destinations for world travellers. It is especially popular with Indians because of its exotic appeal.

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Miles to go before I sleep I: Bangalore to Kasol

Disclaimer: This is not an instruction on how to do a Sar Pass trek. This is more about the experience of doing it.  I had written this little bit (flashback) on 26th July and posted it on 24th Sept so hoping I will complete this in a year's time. I am not making...
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Darjeeling Unlimited – First Impressions

Our first impression of Darjeeling had some nostalgia, some marvelling its beauty, and a lot of sadness at the callous apathy that we show to our heritage and mother nature.



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