Budget Travel in India

A 5000 years old civilization and one of the culturally most diverse countries in the world, India is the dream of every traveler worth his salt. Being a kaleidoscope of myriad sights, sounds, smells and beliefs India can be overwhelming for a first timer but then is...

The Bucket List IV: Angkor Wat

It was my kid sister’s birthday and I had to give her a gift. So I went to a book shop browsing for books to give her. It was there that I found this book called ‘World Famous Unsolved Mysteries’. Now I was generally curious about such things and wanted to read this...

Chittaurgarh – A Pilgrimage

No other fort of India has myth, legends and romance woven around it as much as Chittaurgarh has… the largest and most glorious fort of India…

The Importance of Travel Insurance for Round the World Trips

[divider invisible] If you are busy planning your round the world trip, first of all I’m sure you’re bursting with excitement! But secondly, have you thought about your worldwide travel insurance whilst you’re away? It all seems very boring I know, especially when...

Tips To Choose the Best Hotel in Delhi for Your Celebrations or Events

As Delhi emerges into the global marketplace, hosting conferences and events at hotels that can house business colleagues becomes important.


A Day At The Chilika Lake

If Chilika has to be described in one word, it has to be serene. Do not go there expecting adventures. All you can do is – relax, soak in the beauty of nature, and live the moment.

The Black Pagoda of Konark

A UNESCO designated World Heritage and one of the most iconic monuments of India, the Sun Temple of Konark symbolizes the pinnacle of Indian architecture and represents Odisha in the general.



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