Gateway of India

The Gateway of India was built by the British and designed by the architect George Wittet.

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sophia is a former Greek Orthodox Basilica which was turned into an Ottoman mosque and later converted into a museum. It remained the focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly thousand years and is one of the most precious monuments of Istanbul.

Brunswick Islands – the treasure of North Carolina

Nestled in the South Eastern Corner of North Carolina, the Brunswick islands are a group of barrier islands famous for their wide pristine beaches and enchanting environment. These islands have attracted tourists with all their natural charms and the overall interest...

In The Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley in Ladakh has seen trade caravans of the Silk route since antiquity and is famous for its sand dunes and double Bactrian humped camels.

Weekend Getaways: Alibaug

This is Meena sharing the first of my weekend getaways with you. I stay in Mumbai, Maharashtra and there are many destinations in and around Mumbai where one can unwind from daily grind. One such place is Alibaug which is about 3hrs drive by road. Alibaug is a coastal...


The Magical Pangong Tso

As you stand on the shores of Pangong Tso, watch its quiet waves gently rocking the pebbles beneath your feet and look at the changing colours of the water, the mountains beyond and the sky above, you know that you are experiencing something very unusual, something that cannot possibly belong to this world.

Turtuk – The Crown Jewel Of Baltistan

Turtuk – The Crown Jewel Of Baltistan

Turtuk in Ladakh is a part of the tiny enclave from Baltistan which rejoined India in 1971, perhaps the only place where you will be able to experience the beautiful Balti culture as an Indian citizen.


Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Most travelers will fall prey to a travel scam no matter how hard they try to blend in with the locals. While not all scams can be prevented, it’s important to take extra measures to avoid them. The first step in avoiding a scam is learning how to identify one.


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