Tamil Nadu, find out why it is a hot favourite destination for tourists

Tamil Nadu is the perfect choice as a travel destination for many people who love to venture into the culture and architectural legacy of this land. When speaking of the state of Tamil Nadu the first thing that come to our mind is, this was the capital of Dravidian...
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The Best Indian Restaurants in London

There are multiple factors affecting your own view of the best Indian restaurant in London. Out of every London Indian restaurant, for instance, there are examples of different places cooking different cuisine from different parts of India. Plus every London Indian...
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In God’s own backwaters ..

This was a totally unplanned trip, with Allepey featuring nowhere in our tour to Munnar. After spending two days in the hills, we suddenly decided that we ought to see the famed backwaters too. After some last minute adjustments, we took a bus from Munnar and started...
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Wax Museum at Lonavala

It was a botched up attempt to visit Lonavala which took us on a bike ride of 75 kms. This was the first rainy weekend of the season and the ride took us through a beautiful highway lush with greenery. However, Lonavala was a big disappointment. The small town...
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The Rice Terraces of Bali

Bali is famous for its rice terraces, sprawling paddy terraces cultivated in the traditional Balinese style in terraced fields.

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Visit to Niagara Falls

A visit to the Niagara Falls was high on my to-do list during this trip to Canada, and it lived up to the expectations!

A Diary From The Jungles Of Panna

A diary about the beautiful Panna, the quaint waters of Ken, rich jungles, and the amazing hospitality of the people, typical of Madhya Pradesh, which is great as ever …



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