The Secrets To Luxury Backpacking On A Budget

Maybe you’ve been a budget traveler/ backpacker before during your college years, and you want to go again but can’t stomach the thought of staying in a hostel. Or maybe you’ve never been backpacking but like the thought of the flexibility and adventure it can bring....

Leh’d Finally !

Apart from being the political and spiritual nucleus of Ladakh, Leh is also the prime base for launching expeditions all over the region. We made good use of our time by exploring this unique town..

Pirotan Islands – Marine Sanctuary

I must say, I was lucky to have visited the Pirotan Islands near Jamnagar. There are 42 islands in total and Pirotan is the only one where visitors are allowed. These are virgin islands and not open for public. One can visit it only with special permission from the...

5 Fun Attractions In Hong Kong To Visit With Family

This summer, Hong Kong opens its arms to tourists, inviting them to visit and experience this beautiful city in all its glory.

Pueblos blancos

The Pueblos blancos, or white villages, of Andalucía are one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Sure, people have heard of them, and sure people have visited them. But they’re not that well-known, and they often get left behind when tourists hit the major cities of...


Chilling Out In Ella

Nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, Ella is a sleepy little town in the Central Hill Country of Sri Lanka, very popular with foreign tourists.

Chasing Whales In Mirissa

We went to Mirissa, a beautiful coastal town in Southern Sri Lanka, got on a whale watching ride and managed to photograph the stilt fishermen at last!


Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Most travelers will fall prey to a travel scam no matter how hard they try to blend in with the locals. While not all scams can be prevented, it’s important to take extra measures to avoid them. The first step in avoiding a scam is learning how to identify one.


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