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Travel, Photography, Books, Cinema, Food .. Memories …

Bali: The Kintamani Tour – Tirta Empul Temple

After starting the day at Goa Gajah, we started for our next destination – the Tirta Empul Temple or the Holy Spring Temple as it is often referred as. Built in 962 AD over a natural spring, this temple is dedicated to Lord Indra, the Hindu God of rain. Agni,...

Memories of the Hellfire Pass

Thanking God for the sunrise, as I was up almost all night after hearing the stories about the ghosts of the prisoners who had lived and were buried here. We started the day with a short cycling ride to the Wat Has Ngiew Temple and to meet the monks at the monastery....

7 ways to travel around the world on a budget

Almost everyone wants to travel the world and experience new things. The main problem usually comes down to time and money. Here are 7 ways to travel the world on a budget! House Sitting While this may not seem appealing to some people, house sitting is a great way to...

Thailand: Hintok River Camp via Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

It has been long since I wrote about our amazing Thailand trip. My last post was about the magnificent Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. Apparently, we had some more fun before the trip concluded .. After our exciting rendezvous with the Tigers at the Tiger Temple, we...

Restaurants to try out in Jamaica

Jamaica is a wonderful Caribbean destination for your vacations, but this place brings much more than a simple place to relax and wonderful beaches. Jamaica is considered one of the best islands in the Caribbean due to the fact that it successfully manages to...

Bali: The Kintamani Tour – Goa Gajah

Ubud is an ideal launchpad for making sorties into the heart of Bali, especially the hills and we had an amazing trip to Kintamani a day before Galungan. Our plan was to go all the way to Mount Batur and see the temples and other places on the way. Not keen about...
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