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Travel, Photography, Books, Cinema, Food .. Memories …


Bali: The Kintamani Tour – Goa Gajah

Ubud is an ideal launchpad for making sorties into the heart of Bali, especially the hills and we had an amazing trip to Kintamani a day before Galungan. Our plan was to go all the way to Mount Batur and see the temples and other places on the way. Not keen about...

Bali: Eat, Gawk, Love in Ubud

We stayed in Ubud for three days and wished that we had  stayed more, for this beautiful town opens up to you in the form of a beautiful lotus. The more you explore, the more it astonishes you. Ubud darshan started with food (what else?). We were already famished by...

Travel Guides

Zagreb – The Cultural & Historical Boiling Pot

The vibrant metropolitan city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is a medieval city which has both a rustic “old city” charm as well as the modern thrust, with over seven hundred thousand visitors from all over the world annually. With permissions for high-rises...

Travel Ideas

Traveller’s Guide to Barcelona and its Food

The city of Barcelona is located in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The city is mostly known for its architectural landmarks and its night-life, and there are many other attractions in the city. There are many reasons why...


Faces of the Moon

Give a blogger a moment of happiness and he will try to churn out a blog post from it. In this case, the happiness on my part was a clear sky with just the right amount of clouds, and a full bright moon. So while I was relaxing after an eventful day in Dandeli,...


Looking back at 2013

The year 2013 was a memorable one. We were now one month into marriage and setting up our home in Pune. We also had now, more leaves and some cash to look forward to spending in the coming year. So in 2013, we traveled a lot, had loads of fun and created some happy...


Asiatique The River Front – Bangkok

  After the rejuvenating Thai massage, we were ready for our last destination for the day – Asiatique The Riverfront. A short ride and we were at the riverfront at around 7 PM. Built on the site of an early 20th century warehouse of the Dutch East Asiatic...

Adaaran Club Rannalhi – Maldives

Adaaran Club Rannalhi is a luxury beach resort on a private island off the southern tip of Male, Maldives. Sitting prettily on beautiful sand beach in the middle of lush green vegetation, and near a coral reef teeming with exotic marine life, it promises the very best...

Spas for the Stars: Celeb Favourites

Everyone loves a good spa break, don’t they? You can get away from the stresses and the hubbub of the everyday working life and take some time for yourself, in which you can get well and truly relaxed, letting all your problems and worries drift away as someone...

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