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Ghosts of Bhangarh

So we decided to visit Bhangarh, allegedly one of the most haunted places in India to see if there was something that would interest us. It did not disappoint !

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Amman Citadel and Roman Theatre

After an eventful first evening in Amman, I woke up next morning to start the historical tour of Jordan. Our first destination was the Amman Citadel, a 3000 year old piece of history in downtown Amman.

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Mandu – The City of Joy II

After our little adventures of the previous day, we slept like dead people. The next day we woke up early as 6:00 AM and got ready for today’s sightseeing. After some debate, we had decided against taking a cab and opted for bicycles, and it turned out to be a better experience. When you are riding on a bicycle, you tend to soak in the contours, sights and smells of the country side best. While in a motored vehicle, everything passes you by in a flash, it is on a bicycle that you are truly able to look at...

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