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Amman Citadel and Roman Theatre

After an eventful first evening in Amman, I woke up next morning to start the historical tour of Jordan. Our first destination was the Amman Citadel, a 3000 year old piece of history in downtown Amman.

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Mandu – The City of Joy II

After our little adventures of the previous day, we slept like dead people. The next day we woke up early as 6:00 AM and got ready for today’s sightseeing. After some debate, we had decided against taking a cab and opted for bicycles, and it turned out to be a better experience. When you are riding on a bicycle, you tend to soak in the contours, sights and smells of the country side best. While in a motored vehicle, everything passes you by in a flash, it is on a bicycle that you are truly able to look at...

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Mandu – The City of Joy I

“When you set out on a voyage to Ithaca, pray that the journey may be long; full of adventure, full of knowledge.” Our most recent trip to Mandu was exactly how Cavafy wished one to be, full of adventure and learning. I had first heard of Mandu for a different reason, of it being one of the most haunted places of India. That and some photographs of this beautiful place in monsoons which saw over time gave it a place on my wishlist. So this September, when Ekta wanted us to spend a holiday away from the bustle of...

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