The Explored, Yet Mystical, Attraction: Goa

by Puru


Jan 29, 2016


There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t feel a burst of excitement at the mention of Goa. The place that is synonymous with carnivals, parties, beaches and scenic delights, there is a whole lot about Goa that will leave any traveller in awe of all that it has to offer.

The Goan coast houses several spectacular beaches. Whether you are a party animal, an explorer, a foodie, an adventurer or just someone who likes to spend their lazy afternoons on the beach breathing in the unadulterated beauty of nature, Goa is the ideal place for a holiday. Sitting under the warm sun, watching the massive Arabian Sea stretched out till the horizon, surrounded by refreshing lush greenery; what else does one need in life? There are plentiful opportunities to kick back, unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Goa.

From the 16th century until 1961, the state was a Portuguese colony. Being on the coast, it was used as an entryway by the Portuguese. With a rich history and a strong European influence, it attracts a plethora of travellers and vacationers all year along. In addition to an abundance of beautiful beaches and natural exquisiteness, Goa’s nightlife, parties and carnivals, churches, markets and museums have made it one of the most visited tourist destinations for locals and foreigners alike. All in all, it has every conceivable characteristic of a perfect holiday.

What to do when in Goa

One of the best beaches in the state is the Mandrem Beach. Widely known for its serenity and quaintness, a beach is a popular place that attracts several travellers. The air of romance that can be experienced here reinvigorates the soul, making one fall in love with nature as it presents itself in all its glory. The sparkling blue water, pristine white sand, and an envelope of greenery are the highlights of this beach. There are several restaurants along the beach for those looking to try out some delectable and authentic Goan food.

Goa 2013-158

Evening at Baga

Baga Beach is a hub for adventure sports fanatics, party goers, and those who can’t resist hitting the dance floor. Watersports, dolphin cruises, mouth-watering delicacies, parties and jubilation galore, there is much to relish and enjoy at the Baga Beach.

Goa’s rich history can be seen in its massive forts and fortresses, and the architectural remains of the Portuguese rule. One of the most significant of these is Fort Aguada, a mammoth structure that was built from concrete. It serves as a not-to-miss vantage point, offering tourists breathtaking views of the sprawling Western Ghats. If one visits during the right season, they may be able to spot the beautiful and enchanting peacocks here.

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada

Parties, parties and more parties… Goa never gets tired of celebrating life. Known internationally for the way it parties, numerous nightclubs and party destinations await those who want to let their hair down and dance away to the tunes of electronic and trance music. Some of the ever popular dance clubs that are highly recommended are Titos, near Calangute, and Club Cubana in Arpora.

Weather in Goa

The ideal time of the year to visit Goa is mid-November to mid-February. While the temperatures don’t reach scorching levels and the weather remains pleasantly cool, as the month of December draws near the state becomes a melting pot of spectacular parties and festivities. Christmas and New Year’s are celebrated throughout the state, which also hosts the popular Sunburn festival. If one is looking to visit Goa during this time of the year, recommends that they book their tickets well in advance as the prices escalate steeply during this month. Summers here last from March to May, with mercury levels reaching tropical levels. The arrival of monsoons brings a well-needed respite to the state.

Where to stay

Delightful, blissful and enticing, Sterling Holidays’ Villagio has everything a traveller expects from Goa resorts. Welcoming interiors, excellent hospitality and a luxurious ambience, it offers an atmosphere that complements what Goa truly is – picturesque, serene and enrapturing. Set against the backdrop of the cosy and beautiful village of Betalbatim, the scenic view it offers because of its mesmerising location has impressed tourists time and again.

Members can go for a Studio Room, while guests can choose between a Classic Room and a Privilege Suite. With a swimming pool, coffee shop and lounge, and several amenities that guests and members can enjoy whilst their stay, Villagio is a charming resort.

How to reach

For those flying, the Dabolim Airport lies nearly 30 kilometres from the capital, Panaji. Flights from all major cities across India arrive here. The primary railway stations in Goa are Mudgaon and Thivim. Bus services offer inter- and intra-city transportation, most notably from cities like Mumbai and Pune.

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  1. Dipin

    Goa is really a beautiful place with very nice places to stay other than the hotels.
    I would love to know your favorite experience with Goan cuisine as well. Alas, they decided to cancel the Sunburn from here on.

  2. Soumya Shetty

    Goa is one of my favourite destinations in India, I have visited Goa 3 times, but I still feel the same excitement and fun every time I visit. a perfect destination to relax, unwind, enjoy, explore. I love to relish on the local Goan cuisine. Thank you for reviving the old memories. I am inspired to plan a trip soon!

  3. Krishnandu Sarkar

    Baga / Calangute is the perfect for first timers. Though I liked Candolim most 🙂

    • Puru

      I liked the Southern part of Goa better , Palolim and beyond 🙂


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