Tips To Choose the Best Hotel in Delhi for Your Celebrations or Events

by Ekta


Sep 23, 2015

As Delhi emerges into the global marketplace, hosting conferences and events at hotels that can house business colleagues from a great distance away becomes more and more important. Unfortunately, choosing the right hotel for such an event can be difficult, to say the least. There are countless small details to consider, from handicap accessibility to catering quality to the hotel’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Unless you’re a certified event planner who spent years studying this stuff, you will likely appreciate the following list, which the most important factors to consider when choosing a hotel venue for your event in Delhi.

  • Minimize Travel Time – One of the elements most crucial to a successful event is the happiness of the guests, and most guests would be much happier attending an event that is easy to get to than attending one that is far from local airports or transport stations. Try to choose somewhere in the heart of Delhi and with easy access – either by taxi or by public transport – to Indira Gandhi International airport. Not only will this make guests happy, but it will likely increase the attendance of budget-conscious colleagues at your event.
  • Choose a Location Suggestive of your Event’s Purpose – Different locations bring with them different atmospheres that will shine on your event. If the event is, for example, an annual reward getaway for your company’s top workers, a resort in a peaceful and laid-back part of the city might add a vacation-like feel. If, on the other hand, you are holding a corporate event where you want more fast-paced business to take place, consider a hotel in Delhi’s center.
  • Find a Varied Space – Keep in mind that, if people from outside your business are attending your event, the venue will reflect on you as an organisation. You definitely want to give off the message that your business is diverse and can provide a wide variety of support, so you want to make sure your event space is diverse as well. If possible, make use of different types of spaces, from ball rooms to garden patios, and make those spaces accessible to guests during the event.
  • Check that Amenities are Easily Accessible – Another important aspect of event planning is making sure the guests spend a maximal amount of time at the event. Obviously, this won’t happen if they are spending a lot of time driving to restaurants or shopping outlets, so make sure the needed amenities are on-site or very close by! This will also encourage networking, another popular feature of corporate events, because the guests will be able to meet each other even during their downtime.
  • Make Sure it’s Big Enough – Few things can take the wind out of an event’s sails more quickly than if the space is not quite big enough to house all of the guests without making them feel cramped. On the other end of the spectrum is an event space that is too big, which will give the event an unappreciated and unsuccessful feel. Make sure to do a detailed estimate of the amount of guests that will be attending and the amount of additional space you will need for other settings, and choose a space slightly bigger than you think you will need.
  • Find a Distraction-Free Space – Whatever the purpose of your event is, you want to detract from distractions that will keep from that purpose being fulfilled. Of course, you cannot help the guests being “distracted” by each other, but you can control the amount of outside distraction you let in by choosing a venue where the event isn’t marred by noise from outside.
  • Consider Technical Requirements – Lots of people planning events do not consider the little things: making sure the venue has a reliable Wi-Fi connection, for instance, or checking for good lighting, or ensuring there is a sufficient number of electrical outlets for the guests. These technical details can make or break the event.
  • Choose a Comfortable Hotel – You should visit each potential hotel venue beforehand. Make sure the accommodations it provides to you, and will provide your guests, are comfortable. Even if the event space is perfect, the event will not be popular if everyone is treated badly by the staff or is forced to sleep on an uncomfortable bed. In short, assure that your guests will be pampered.

It is lucky that many hotels in Delhi have responded to the need for great event hosting venues by providing excellent options. Many luxury hotels like the Imperial, best 5-star hotel in Delhi, are dedicated to providing you with expertly catered venues. Such establishments even have expert event planners on staff that will help you turn your function into an event to remember.


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