How to Reduce Stress on a Business Holiday

by Puru


Aug 21, 2013


From the everyday stress of workloads to the business of the city, a job can be stressful at the best of times. On a business holiday, being out of your comfort zone can only enhance the feeling of stress.

A survey conducted by a flight comparison website discovered that out of 1,000 workers questioned, a large proportion were unable to switch off with only 2 out of 3 of those who tried taking a break from work-related communication able to do so.

Those guilty of checking their emails whilst on holiday often did so multiple times (for one quarter of respondents) with 53% of this group also feeling obligated to respond. When asked how many emails arrived in their inbox during their break, 60% confessed to receiving at least 250 messages in just two weeks

According to the study, only a mere 1 in every 2 managers has booked a summer holiday because of the pressures at work and 1 in 8 who do manage to go away can’t resist checking their emails on a daily basis.

Follow These Key Points and Reduce that Unwanted Stress!
  •  Leave Yourself Enough Time At The Airport – There is nothing worse than dashing to reach check-in on time, so leave a little extra time if possible.
  • Take Out Business Travel Insurance – Obtainable with medical cover, 24-hour support and insurance policies for your belongings, cover such as Allianz Global Assistance business travel insurance is designed to help reduce your holiday stress.
  • Ensure You Have Your Documents – A passport, wallet and other important documents are all required for travelling abroad. It is also worth making sure that you have copies in case of emergencies.
  • Dress For The Day – If you are obliged to dress in business attire for the same day travel and meeting, wear it on the plane. If your luggage happens to go AWOL then you will not be left red-faced and in need of new clothing.
  • Make A List – Have a diary of your appointments, meetings, addresses, contacts etc. If you usually store them on your phone/tablet, always have a convenient backup! Having them all in one diary makes it easier for you to plan your day’s activities.
  • Eat Well – Don’t destroy your energy levels. Relish the food where you are. Eat three healthy meals a day, especially vegetables and protein.
  • Be Adventurous – Instead of shutting yourself away in your hotel room, go out and eat! It is also worth being creative with your scheduling and meeting locations and arriving a day early to enjoy the sights. It reduces jet lag and strain by giving you time to adapt to your surroundings.

Remember, even though you are on a business holiday it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time.

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