The rice terraces of Bali are so incredible that they are actually listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though they fell a little off our way, we did not have the heart to give them a miss – and Wayan was most obliging. So, on our way back from Ulun Danu Batur, we made a detour and went to witness the beauty of the rice fields. We were not disappointed.

Balinese Rice Terrace-1

Beautiful valley

Balinese Rice Terrace-12

Another view of the valley

Bali is famous for its rice terraces, sprawling paddy fields cultivated in the traditional Balinese style in terraced fields. Only when we arrived at the Tegallalang rice fields, could we understand why was it so famous. The beauty that lay before us seemed too good to be real. It sprawled down into a valley of green magic, and extended to meet the terraces in the surrounding mountains, dotted by coconut trees. Farmers wearing woven straw hats were hard at work in the fields, giving a timeless quality to the vista. There was a pleasing and soothing feel to it, so much that for a few moments we just gawked in amazement at what lay before us.  Words may not suffice, let pictures do the talking this time ..

Balinese Rice Terrace-2

Unbelievable beauty is a norm in Bali ..

Balinese Rice Terrace-9

A farmer at work

There was an elderly farmer, who owns the valley as we got to know later, came up in the traditional wear and happily posed for photographs. It turned out that he appreciates some tips for posing and we were happy to give him a few thousands ..

Balinese Rice Terrace-4

The Elderly farmers who loves posing for photographs

Balinese Rice Terrace-13

And this was our small group ..

A small village of craftsmen (yes, Bali is all art) lies next to the rice fields and there are many souvenir shops nearby. However, unlike some other places, these shopkeepers were not pushy and we came back unmolested.