World’s Five Greatest Places to Catch on Camera

by Puru


Jun 1, 2014

There’s nothing like a good photo shoot, capturing the unique culture and nature of a particular environment. It’s impossible to actually match. But finding that right place is most of the battle as there are not many places in the world that truly captivate people in picture form.

Are you destined to get pictures of the greatest places on Earth? Well then get your camera – buy one off Gumtree or eBid if you don’t have one – and get ready to start shooting!

Now you just need to start listing your places to shoot. Here are five of the greatest photo opportunities our planet has to offer.



Paradise Harbour, Antarctica | Photo: Liam Quinn

There’s nothing more powerful than a photo shoot in Antarctica. Why? Because the pictures say, “I’ve been there.” That’s not something many can say. In fact, personal shooting experiences in Antarctica are a rarity which makes the images very valuable. It’s also interesting to capture the effects of climate change – just last year, the ice was at a record high.

New Guinea


Beautiful untouched beaches

This is just one of those countries that hasn’t changed much over the years. People still survive off the land they have. You can really get a feel for the environment, whether you’re shooting pictures of people, houses, animals, events, etc. There are already many shoots online captivating the cultural experience New Guinea offers, just take a look to see for yourself.

Xinjiang, China



Lake Sailimu, Xinjiang, China – by laogephoto

You haven’t seen China until you’ve gone to Xinjiang at least once. This is an area known for culture and festivities, but it sees no limitations when it comes to its beauty in photography. In fact, there are many breath-taking landscape picture opportunities in Xinjiang.



Mangolia | Photo: marywenstrom

It’s no easy feat getting to the picture spots, but Mongolia is home to some of the most unique shooting opportunities the world has to offer. Anything and everything from Mongolian wrestling to trekking with camels and even hunting with golden eagles can be found in Mongolia. Capturing Mongolian nomads in combination with the nature and animals can make the shoot even better. This place also looks incredible during the winter.

Baja, Mexico


Baja, Mexico

Here is a great place to shoot at if you love both colour and architectural beauties. From castles and mansions to hotels and resorts, everything looks breath-taking in Baja. In fact, you will probably find yourself wanting to retire here if you make your way around for a photo shoot. The resorts alone serve as a great indication on what you can expect from the city.

Other Great Places to Shoot

These aren’t the only great places to shoot pictures at in the world, obviously. There are many great opportunities in every continent. It’s just a matter of really nailing the specific city or towns. Some other places to consider include Oman, French Polynesia, and Sicily, Italy.

If you’re intrigued by waterfalls, Niagara Falls is definitely a place you can’t leave out, but you will want to find other areas to shoot, which may not be so easy in the immediate area. Some other great waterfalls to capture on camera include Angel Falls, Victoria Falls, and Igazu Falls. Angel Falls has a drop that’s nearly 20 times larger than Niagara Falls!

You have to ask yourself what you want to capture on camera. This will give you an idea on which places are best for you. Whether its animals, water, buildings, or people, there will be certain areas that are more colourful for that particular type of photography. You can easily search for some ideas online as many hobbyists, amateur, and professional photographers share their travel shoots on the Web.


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