Goa has almost become an annual pilgrimage for us now. So like last year, we made a visit to Goa again, with a new set of friends. Spent a quiet day in Old Goa and visited Se Cathedral and Basilica Bom Jesus. Some photographs from this trip, with a new camera and same old set of eyes ..

Though the weather was very hot and crowds very thick, managed to get some decent shots of the place. I just cannot stop coming back to Goa again and again .. and to Old Goa ..


Figurine of a Saint in Se Cathedral


Impressive Chandelier at the Se Cathedral


Christ, Se Cathedral


A very calming presence of Christ the Redeemer, Se Cathedral


A cross with Christ in Basilica Bom Jesus


The mummified remains of St. Francis Xavier, Basilica Bom Jesus


The magnificent arch of Church of St Francis of Asisi