Some of the Finest Tourist Locations in London

by Puru


Nov 21, 2013


If there’s one thing that London has in spades, it’s a series of fantastic tourist locations to visit. With a range of museums, theatres, landmarks, restaurants and shopping meccas to trawl, this sprawling capital has an activity to suit almost any persuasion.

And yet, due to its size, visiting London without planning ahead can be a disorienting experience. With such a dizzying array of activities on offer, it can be easy to feel like you’ve missed out on what you really wanted to do because you couldn’t fit everything in on your trip.

But, with a little help from this guide, you’ll be able to decide just what you want from a journey to this beautiful city.


Whether you’re arriving in London or leaving, there are a number of services that are available to you at the capital’s six international airports. At Stansted Airport, for example, one can take advantage of the Stansted meet and greet service, in which a valet will take your car to a secure location for the duration of your journey, allowing you ease of mind on your trip.

Add to this the potential for luxury departure lounges, nearby hotels and a raft of shopping options, and you’ll soon realise that a part of the holiday itself can be in an airport.


If you’re looking to sample some of London’s finest eating establishments, then look no further than the Amaya for a delectable selection of Indian cuisine in a relaxing and opulent environment.

But, if you’re searching for a meal that’s a little more traditionally British, then the Bull & Last should be right up your alley, offering a pub atmosphere with a fantastic selection of food that will leave most palettes satisfied.

Museums and Galleries

Are you a culture vulture on the search for history and artworks? Then your first stop should be The British Museum.

Housing a vast array of ancient artefacts and wondrous works of fine art, this is a museum that could be scoured for days on end without running out of cerebrally stimulating delights.

For the person searching for a more contemporary edge to their art, the Tate Modern should sate you. This modern art mecca features many of the great painters of the past century, from David Hockney to Chris Ofili, as well as a great range of older artworks with a left of centre slant.


London arguably has some of the finest theatres in the world, with a rich stage tradition that stretches back hundreds of years. For a true taste of this history of theatre, your best bet would be to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and watch the great bard’s plays performed in the very place where many of them were initially conceived.

Looking for a more modern production? Then visit London’s West End, which houses a number of playhouses that show everything from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Harold Pinter, providing a diverse selection for almost every conceivable taste in dramatic art.


Having such a rich history, London is rife with impressive landmarks that allow one to truly appreciate the British past. For the politically minded, a visit to the heart of London will allow you the chance to see Downing Street, the home of the prime minister, or the Houses of Parliament, where decisions that will affect the entire country are made.


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