Diya Antim Aas Ka – Dinesh Gupta

by Cliché Writer


Nov 16, 2013

Dinesh Gupta might not be a much known name, but he has been published in many Hindi poetry collections. His first full-fledged poetry collection by the name of “Meri Aankhon Mein Mohabbat Ke Manjar Hain” was published in the year 2012.

In his debut book, he has written poems about the beauty of the adored one and also the love for our beloved country. During one of his interviews, he has said that first, he is a poet who loves to write about love and all things that come along with it, but the turmoil that he saw outside and the one that brewed inside made him write more than just about love but love for the motherland and articles on the same.

The book is a collection of poems, articles, shayaris about love, corruption, and other issues that are close to poet’s heart. The book is deceptive and so is the book cover. The first glance at the cover will make you believe that the book is one of those cheesy romantic poem collections. I, too, was deceived by that. Even the title suggests that it will be all about love and how to love and some more love. This is where the book surprised me and made me like it.

It not only had poems about love and beauty but also about patriotism and current issues that are creating turmoil within the country and the people. He has captured the essence of the last minutes of a soldier in his poem “Diya Antim Aas Ka” and as I went through the book, somehow it remained my favorite. He has given something to every Hindi Poetry lover, he has written poems, shayaris, articles and even a few songs. Read them or hum them, they are quite memorable.

In a time when people are busy trying to have fake accents and correcting people of their grammar and pronunciations, I am astonished and proud to find a young engineer to write in Hindi. There are few poems that will touch your heart, and some poems that you will find awfully similar to your situation.

He had done a great job in compiling the poems and maintaining semblance you move from one poem to another and the way they have presented. I would have loved the book more if the cover was neutral and the size of the book was of regular length. Apart from these flaws, the book takes you back to days of childhood where we read Hindi poems. In all, read it for a different experience.

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