Gift Ideas for Seasoned Travellers: The Top Ten

by Puru


Jul 25, 2013

Trying to buy the perfect gift for someone who is always off travelling can be easier said than done. The trouble of finding that present that won’t end up pushed to the back of the cupboard or thrown into the garage is easily solved though – and here are ten gift ideas for the seasoned Traveller.

1: Travel Insurance

Nothing can be safer than buying your loved one travel insurance. If they are making more than one trip within a year, then annual insurance is worth it. Try Allianz Global Assistance Annual Travel Insurance that provides cover no matter how much the person travels within one simple purchase.

2: International Gadget Charger

Many people have a smartphone, tablet or music device nowadays, but having apps and roaming features can sadly drain batteries rapidly. For those emergencies an international gadget charger can be a really useful device with different attachments to help you charge everything from one device.

3: Travel Bag

Avoid disastrous breakages and liquids going all over the place with modern travel bags designed with inflatable chambers to protect and insulate your shampoo, perfume or toiletries.

4: Passport Cover

Having a brightly coloured and waterproof passport cover not only makes it harder to miss when you are carrying around a bag; but it is sheltered from spillages.

5: Mini Luggage Scale

To avoid extra baggage charges, having mini luggage scales to hand is convenient for frequent travellers who love to pick up souvenirs. Compact and lightweight, they can easily be thrown into a travel bag.

6: Wallet

Help travellers keep track of their finances whilst away with a new wallet or purse. Make sure there are plenty of compartments for cards and coins and consider getting one with two large compartments – one for home currency and one for international.

7: Travel Diary

Give your loved ones the change to recall all of their favourite holiday memories with a travel diary. A great way to note everything that happens, they can even transform it into a scrapbook with photographs and postcards they collect on their travels.

8: Travel Magazine Subscription

For the keen travellers, a magazine subscription not only provides reading but also tips and ideas of where to go and what to see.

9: Travel Card Holder

Having a personalised card holder is important to make it more easily distinguished and if you happen to lose it then it’s easier to describe. Plus, you can keep all your precious cards in one safe place.

10: Travel Pillow

The ultimate travel accessory for those who have trouble sleeping or getting comfy during long haul flights or bus rides across the city. A travel pillow provides the necessary support for both your head and neck.

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