Miles to go before I sleep VIII – Picture Perfect

by Arcturus


Oct 4, 2011

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 1


Next Destination: Bandak Thatch – Ht. 8000 ft. (10 KM) 6 hrs

Day 9

When we came to Biskeri Thatch, we had descended to 11000Ft. It was all descend now (C’mon, you have to come back some day :P). 

Next day I woke up earlier than usual and I was in an off mood that day because I had fever. I wished that that day itself we were in Bandak Thatch and that we were returning to Kasol that day (Fever makes you stupid 🙁 ). As we had tea all of us gathered and chatted. We knew that Aniket and his brother Aniruddh had left the previous day itself but the details we came to know now. They had to descend until they hit the main road. There was no other way to go and since Aniket’s shoulder was dislocated the guides could carry him in only some places. He himself had to walk most of the time. And they walked all night stopping and going again!!!! He was then admitted to a hospital for a day in Kullu.

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 2
Pintya – our guide

And we started off again after forming the usual lines and walked, me having taken a paracetamol. The accompanying scenery was beautiful. We walked on green grass with distant snow capped mountains catching our eyes. We walked and walked until we reached a certain point which made us rappel down. What we had learnt on day 3 came in handy now. But this one was a bit difficult than the one we had practiced on as the surface was uneven.  Naveen having reached down already gave us tips and tricks while, Shyam and Keerthi had gone to a narrow wooden bridge and sat photographing. Meanwhile Nirav found an axe somewhere :O. Shyam helped us all cross the bridge which was very narrow. On the other end we saw that the river that was flowing had a cover of ice on the mountain side, below which it flew freely. After resting and having the delicious water, we started off again.

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 3
View on the way
Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 4

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 5
That white thing above the water was ice

By now I was too tired due to the fever and Naveen, Keerthi and Shyam (whom I had already burdened with my camera 🙁 ) insisted that I give my rucksack to them. I kept refusing and fighting them off. They gave me extra time to rest. As I kept refusing to allow them to carry my rucksack, once Shyam snatched it which I took back and then finally Keerthi snatched it from me and set off fast so that I couldn’t take it back. I finally had to give in and in a way I was thankful to them. I could walk faster now and save their time too. I was really stupid and silly that day (I am not gonna mention what though :P) and I blame the fever for it :P. We finally reached the camp site and it was nothing like we had ever seen before. Beautiful meadow, distant snow capped mountains, a few tents propped up,. We passed mules and some other animals grazing the grass as we reached this. I was beautiful, mesmerizing, call it whatever, God at his/her artistic best :).

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 6
Bandak Thatch camp site

Miles to go before I sleep VIII - Picture Perfect 7
Can you imagine a more beautiful place? I wish I had a house here and also a helicopter for transportation. Now that I am wishing for things, I might as well wish for powers of Superman to fly so that I can fly on my own and save petrol 😛
Around 30 of our batch-mates had decided to reach the base camp that day itself instead of the next day, including the group leader. This camp was optional and you could still get your certificates on missing it, but who goes there for certificate? This is beauty at its best :). So they went off and only a few of us were left behind and Rajni uncle being the deputy group leader was left in charge. Since it was the last day, the guides (who had carried the luggage) wanted to have a game of cricket that day :). And they asked for spare socks (which I think someone gave of Chatur without his knowledge 😀 ) which they converted into a good cricket ball. I wanted to play but couldn’t and so along with Nikhi and Amar watched from a side. There was 1 game followed by rain and then another. The camp leader had told us not to sit on the stones here as the locals considered the stones to be God. So we obliged and sat on the soft grass and as always had an awesome time.

Since the population was half , we had extra sleeping bags today and I used one as a mattress :D. Next day we would be bidding adieu to this awesome place to go back to base camp.

Thats all for now folks 😉


Scribbled by: Swati Saundatti

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