by Purnendu Singh


Oct 7, 2010

Kodaikanal 1

Kodaikanal in tamil means “The gift of Forest”. Once you are there, you can enjoy the gift all around you.

Kodaikanal 2

Our trip to Kodaikanal (Kodai, as fondly called) happened in the month of October – a very pleasant time to be there. We reached Madurai and took a bus from there. Even though the distance seems less, the journey uphill takes around 6 hours. You start feeling the chill one hour after the journey starts and by the you are half way up, its time to take out the woolens. The journey is scenic and refreshing. Reaching there late in the night we tried to search for a nice cozy cottage but no success. So took a hotel in the town (totally not recommended). If you reach there in time, search for a cottage or a villa near Koakers Park.

Kodaikanal 3

We took up a site seeing tour with a local operator. It started with a early morning walk at Koakers walk, followed by other places. The best amongst all was the walk through the pine forest. The tall trees, mist and the sun peaking though the leaves. The whole site was breath takingly beautiful. We saw what is known as the Devil’s kitchen, a cave with goes for miles. One wrong step and you go down 2500 feet. On our way back we bought some home made chocolates for friends and some special oils for parents..

Kodaikanal 4

Kodaikanal 5
Kodaikanal 6
Kodaikanal 7

On the second day, the tour continued to take us to amazing places like the Suicide Point. It was a long road shadowed with trees. On one side of the road a high wall was built apparently to prevent people from committing suicide. The fun was spoilt due to rains and heavy fog and we couldn’t really see the valley. Later, we went for peddle boating at the Kodai Lake. The star shaped lake is scenic and gives you ample places for amazing photos. The best part was cycling around the Lake on double seater bicycles in the rain. Ladies, you can indulge in some local shopping at the small shops around the Lake.

Kodaikanal 8
In the evening we decided to take a walk around the town. Just before leaving, we paid a quick visit to the garden with beautiful flowers and trees. We rushed towards the bus stop with our luggage and happily and started our journey back to college.

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  1. Prabhdeep

    amazing pics…the pics reflect the tranquility of that place !!!

  2. Shadows Galore

    Thanks Prabhdeep ! Still learning 🙂


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