Royalty @ Madurai

by Purnendu Singh


Oct 7, 2010

Royalty @ Madurai 1

Built in 1636 AD by, Thirumalai Nayak Palace is a beautiful palace located in the heart of Madurai. An abode of the Nayaka kings of Madurai, this palace has seen many kingdoms rise and crumble to dust.

After getting done with the darshan at Meenakshi Temple, we were in search of food. Luckily our auto driver knew one Rajesh Hotel and dropped us there. It was a Marwari hotel serving thaalis what can easily be termed as deliciously awesome! I did 8 chapaatis and rice and Sandy managed 11! So after a sumptuous meal, we were ready for our next stop, ‘The palace’.

Royalty @ Madurai 2

Another auto and we reached the palace, took tickets for the camera and self and entered the compound. It was a beautiful building built in Indo-Sarcenic style by an Italian architect. All around were massive beautifully engraved pillars carrying the weight of an equally beautiful ceiling. This building is very different from other buildings you will find in South, with Limestone-brick masonry instead of stone and engravings which may make you feel you were somewhere in Europe. The Italian glass windows, the very Indian halls and the whole ambience, no wonder Manirathnam makes it a point to shoot a scene of every movie of his here.

Royalty @ Madurai 3

Royalty @ Madurai 4

Once we were done taking the photographs of the main hall, we moved to an adjacent museum to look at the artifects, this was something straight from India. Stone statues of gods, goddesses and apsaras, and other antiques of great interest later, it was time to go out. Kodaikanal was waiting for us…Nayak Palace, Flckr Photoset
Kodai 207Kodai 208Kodai 209Kodai 210Kodai 212Kodai 214
Kodai 216Kodai 217Kodai 218Kodai 220Kodai 221Kodai 222
Kodai 224Kodai 225Kodai 226Kodai 227Kodai 228Kodai 229
Kodai 231Kodai 232Kodai 234Kodai 238Kodai 239Kodai 242

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