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Miles to go before I sleep IX – Back to Kasol

Day 10: Return to Base Camp Woke up that day thinking we are returning to base camp today. It was mixed emotions. You don’t want to leave the mountains but you want to return back to civilization too and have a bath (It had been 6-7 days since last bath 🙁 ). I remember having noodles for breakfast that day. We formed our lines, took the counts(Our number significantly reduced since many people had left the previous day) and we set off again, chatting, laughing, joking, the usual. We met some locals on the way, there was a man who...

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Miles to go before I sleep VIII – Picture Perfect

  Next Destination: Bandak Thatch – Ht. 8000 ft. (10 KM) 6 hrs Day 9 When we came to Biskeri Thatch, we had descended to 11000Ft. It was all descend now (C’mon, you have to come back some day :P).  Next day I woke up earlier than usual and I was in an off mood that day because I had fever. I wished that that day itself we were in Bandak Thatch and that we were returning to Kasol that day (Fever makes you stupid 🙁 ). As we had tea all of us gathered and chatted. We knew that...

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Miles to go before I sleep V: Camping at 10700 ft

Next destination: Ratapani – Ht. 10700 ft.(12 km) Day6: After promising to keep the post on Padri short and failing miserably I am making no such promises now, so you have to bear with my blabbering. Though the YHAI website mentions this trek to be 7km, the information is wrong. The field director at base camp had informed us that it is 12(or 13 km).  So after the usual morning activities of handing in the sleeping bags and forming a line, we set off to see what that day had to offer :). Off we went knowing that today’s climb was...

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Miles to go before I sleep IV: Padri at 8900 ft

Next Destination : Padri – Ht. 8900 ft. (10 kms)  Day 5 When I completed writing about Grahan(I forgot to mention – Ht. 7700 ft. (09 kms)), I thought the post on Padri would be small, that nothing extraordinary had happened that day. But I had forgotten the most unexpected even that happened that evening. I will come to that when time comes. By now we were accustomed to sleeping in the tents and woke up the next day feeling fresh. After doing the default activities of the day, we had tea and handed over the sleeping bags and...

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Gujarat Chronicles III: Day at the Museum – Baroda Museum

  Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering – because you can’t take it in all at once.   Although I spent almost a day in Baroda, due to incessant rains and more because of my own acute laziness, I did not venture out to see many places, not even the famous palace of Baroda. Some other time.   But one place which I managed to see was the Baroda Museum and Art Gallery situated in the Sayaaji...

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