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Memories of the Hellfire Pass

Thanking God for the sunrise, as I was up almost all night after hearing the stories about the ghosts of the prisoners who had lived and were buried here. We started the day with a short cycling ride to the Wat Has Ngiew Temple and to meet the monks at the monastery. It was beautiful ride on a country side road and we passed by many temples and houses. We reached a hanging bridge where we parked our bikes and walked to the other side. As we looked towards our destination, the first sight was stunning. Five huge colourful Buddhas...

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Thailand: Hintok River Camp via Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

It has been long since I wrote about our amazing Thailand trip. My last post was about the magnificent Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. Apparently, we had some more fun before the trip concluded .. After our exciting rendezvous with the Tigers at the Tiger Temple, we started the journey to the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. Located in the Tenasserim Hills, the water falls are just besides the  Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi Village station. It is the most beautiful and famous attraction of the Sai Yok National Park. The area surrounding the tall waterfall is serene and lush filled with...

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The Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi

After the Bridge on River Kwai, it was finally time for the much awaited visit to the famous Tiger Temple. After Poom purchased the tickets, we rather gingerly signed the indemnity (?!) form, quickly forgot all about it and cheerfully walked in a large forest area, with lots of trees and deer roaming around at ease. To our left was a huge cage which housed some beautiful birds. Walking further, we saw a pond with wild buffaloes swimming and besides that was a cage with two beastly looking bears. Having seen the beautiful, colourful temples in Bangkok, I kept on wondering how...

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