Thailand: Hintok River Camp via Sai Yok Noi Waterfall

by Ekta


Sep 6, 2014

It has been long since I wrote about our amazing Thailand trip. My last post was about the magnificent Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi. Apparently, we had some more fun before the trip concluded ..

After our exciting rendezvous with the Tigers at the Tiger Temple, we started the journey to the Sai Yok Noi Waterfall. Located in the Tenasserim Hills, the water falls are just besides the  Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi Village station. It is the most beautiful and famous attraction of the Sai Yok National Park.


We had our quota of fun at the waterfall

The area surrounding the tall waterfall is serene and lush filled with trees and greenery.  The place was quiet crowed with many families and picnickers, esp. kids playing merrily in the water.We went up the fall and enjoyed our share of getting wet. The flora around the falls was quiet interesting with some gorgeous wild flowers in the vicinity.

We soon left for the Hintok River Camp, our host for the night. Located far from the city, on the banks of the River Kwai, the river camp is actually located on the historical land where the Japanese military had based their camp during the WW2. This was where the prisoners of war were kept, lived toiled and were buried after they died of diseases, hunger, torture or were simple executed.  The Hintok River camp is the closest accommodation facility to the  HellFire Pass site.


The beautiful Hintok River Camp

The River camp is spread over a wide area with many trees. It offers fully furnished tented accommodation along with 2 restaurants. The most attractive site at the River Camp is the lower deck just touch the River Kwai. The dark night, lights from an opposite temple and motors boats passing by made the scene both scary as well as serene.

Hintok River Camp had arrange a camp fire surrounded by hay seats and a elaborate buffet dinner. As I am a vegetarian, my options were quiet limited. But, food was very delicious and from everyone’s faces, I could guess the non-vegetarians were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

After a sumptuous dinner, we all retired for the night to wake to our last and another special experiences of Thailand!


This trip to the beautiful Hintok River Camp was courtesy the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)


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