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Exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most famous Islands of the world, having maintained it fame down the centuries. Once called ‘a tear drop on the Indian Ocean’, this beautiful island has been a mentioned in the ancient writings of Europe, Arabia and India. The island was a developed civilization as far back as the third century BC and was trading food grains, elephants and iron with the Greeks, Chinese and Arabs. Sri Lanka finds mention in the edicts of the Magadha King Ashoka and according to ancient texts, he sent his son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra to the...

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Refreshingly Sri Lanka 5: Dambulla Caves

From Anuradhapura we proceeded towards our last destination before we went back to Kandy, Dambulla. But before that we needed to eat something. So Suresh took us to the new Anuradhapura town where we had a great lunch. During the chit-chat he said that the city hospital here remained busy throughout the year when the war was going on, but now everyone was in peace. So much so for this peace ! Anyway, after the delicious lunch, we started for Dambulla. As usual I spent the time dozing off and woke up only when we reached the place. Here...

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Refreshingly Sri Lanka 4: Anuradhapura

Even after taking a much needed sleep we were yet to recover from the fatigue of the previous day. My legs and thighs were hurting as if I had been beaten up the previous day. Dragged ourselves to the car and then started for our next destination, Anuradhapura. A city built around a sapling from the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, Anuradhapura is considered as the cradle of Buddhist Sinhalese Culture. It has the distinction of being the political and spiritual capital of Sri Lanka for 1300 years till it was devastated beyond recovery in an invasion...

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Railways have fascinated me since a toy set gifted by my father decades ago. So a post dedicated to my Railgaadi. Was transported to the Colonial times at the Kandy Railway Station, a glimpse of that view. More railways pics will keep coming here...

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