What Should You Pack for a Holiday in Costa Rica?

by Puru


Dec 14, 2015

Costa Rica photo

Costa Rica (Photo by Wha’ppen)

Costa Rica is a destination that people all over the world flock to throughout the year. If you are in search of a vacation that will allow you to relax and get away from it all for a while, book your next trip to Costa Rica and look for the best villa rental Costa Rica to stay in the lap of luxury while there.

What should you pack for your holiday in Costa Rica? Continue reading to learn more.

A Couple of Bathing Suits

First off, be sure to pack at least two pairs of bathing suits when heading to Costa Rica because you will definitely want to take some time to lounge on one of the area’s pristine beaches. Having more than one bathing suit ensures you can go swimming multiple days in a row because you’ll always have a dry suit to put on while the other is drying.

At Least One Pair of Long Pants

Even though you should pack a few pairs of shorts to remain cool during your stay in tropical Costa Rica, you also want to be sure to pack at least one pair of long pants as well. These will really come in handy when you are exploring places like rainforests and volcanoes, as they will protect you from the elements and from insects.

Ladies, Pack a Sundress or Two

Sundresses are perfect for women who want to wear something a little more feminine but still want to remain cool and comfortable in the tropical climate of Costa Rica. You can wear a sundress by day as you enjoy the beach and local sights, as well as by night for a fun-filled dinner under the stars.

A Pair of Sturdy Hiking Shoes

In addition to sandals and flip-flops, you should also pack a pair of good hiking boots, especially if you plan on checking out the trails on the mountains, through the rainforests, and near volcanoes. These shoes should be sturdy and preferably waterproof so that your feet will have all of the support they need while you explore and check out the amazing biodiversity of the country.

Sunscreen and Protective Wear Like Sunglasses and Hats

Don’t forget to also pack some sunscreen and other protective gear, such as hats, as these will certainly be necessary to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays while you play in the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning on trekking through the rainforest or you want to take a relaxing day on the beach, make sure you protect your delicate skin with sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

With these handy tips, you can be sure to pack everything you need for an enjoyable holiday in Costa Rica. Once you arrive and you start tasting the yummy food and seeing the sights in the company of the friendly locals, you may never want to leave.


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