Hoppipola – All Day Bar & Bonhomie

by Ekta


Jun 1, 2015



Hoppipola which means ‘jumping in puddles’ in Icelandic, is an all day bar (and bonhomie).Having seen the sign board up in West Blok, Amanora Town Centre since some weeks, we were quiet eager to check the place. So once was open we made it a point to visit.  The restaurant cum bar is beautifully decorated and lively with some fun stuff and cool music.

Hoppipola has both indoor and outdoor seating. Once you are inside you keep quizzically looking at the quirky things around. Be it the hanging planes or the cuckoo clocks or the blue and pink trophies. These things are not such decoration, you can try your hands at some fun games. Try finding shot glasses in the clocks to win free drinks. Or come in on the last Thursday of the month to play the Chugathon contest where you need to be the fastest to drink a glass of draught beer and you could win free beer(for a month!!).

The food and drinks are quiet reasonably priced. The food menu has some intriguing items. We highly recommend OMG (Cheese stuffed Crispy fried Button Mushroom), Aila Aioli (Skewered & Marinated chicken breast served with Aioli) and The Harissian(Grilled fish with Tunisian Spices) for entrees.

For the mains we really liked Blasta Pasta (Pasta with a hint of chilli and garlic) , Herb Majesty’s Favorite (Tender & Succulent roast chicken served with Mash potato & gravy) and Cheesy Pizznezz.

The drink menu was also quiet extensive. We loved the Orange Passion Frappe and Ginger Twist in Mocktail. For cocktails we preferred Wild berry Vodkatini and Kafir Lime and Lychees Mojito.

The staff is very courteous and service is quiet swift. Hoppipola is highly recommended to enjoy some fun times with friends with some games and drinks without having to burn a hole through your pockets!

We sure had a Hoppi time and hope you do too 🙂



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