Give a blogger a moment of happiness and he will try to churn out a blog post from it. In this case, the happiness on my part was a clear sky with just the right amount of clouds, and a full bright moon. So while I was relaxing after an eventful day in Dandeli, pointed my camera upwards and started clicking. I was happier with the fact that I could take the photographs handheld without significant blur. Apparently the camera is good and am learning well … 🙂

The pics that follow are no example of great photography, just a memory of the peace and beauty up above in the sky …

“The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas” – The Highwayman


And BTW, full moon is my namesake – Purnendu = Purn (Full) + Indu (Moon)


The clouds look like Europe and Africa with the moon in the Atlantic..


The white glow with a hint of a rainbow made by the moonlight ..


Hidden under a thin veil of clouds and leaves of the trees making patterns at the base ..


This was my favorite of the lot, looks almost poetic !


This is what I saw when I went up close ! Sigh …