Emerald Buddha Temple

by Ekta


Jan 24, 2014

Emerald Buddha Temple

On the second day of our trip, we started a little early and Poom was at the hotel by 9 AM to pick us up. The first place for the day was the Emerald Buddha Temple. As we drove to the Emerald Buddha temple and Grand Palace, we saw some protesters on the road. Contrary to our concerns the protests were very peaceful and the tourist areas remained unaffected.

Emerald Buddha-4

Our Group

As we got down our car, we saw a lot of vendors selling colourful caps and sarong just outside the temple.As you enter the premises, you can see the beautiful temple complex at a distance and it is indeed very beautiful.

Emerald Buddha-48

Looks scary ? He is just a security guard 🙂

Unlike our expectation, the Emerald Buddha temple is not just one building where the idol is kept but a huge complex of buildings and pagodas. The walkway as well as the temple complex is spectacularly beautiful and a total photographer’s paradise. Bridges, colourful buildings and pagodas, artistically carved statues, I just couldn’t stop clicking 🙂

Emerald Buddha-12

Gorgeous, is it not ?

As you walk through the entrance, you can see a stone idol surrounded by beautifully craved sloping roof rooms. On the left is a place where people can pray. As in Wat Pho one can see many giant guard statues here as well decorated with gold and colorful stones. There were a lot of tourists and school kids visiting. I even saw a group of fine-art students sketching the temple.

Emerald Buddha-17

Lotus for offering

Emerald Buddha-21

Magnificence gilded in gold

Emerald Buddha-24

Beautiful Parthenon like structure

Poom showed us large pagodas of different colours attributed to different kings. The first one was golden and belonged to King Rama I. The King was inspired by mosaic art and this pagoda is decorated with small square gold colour pieces. These pieces do wear and tear and hence the structure is maintained every 50 years. If you look around from here, you can see colourful building all around you. There was also a replica of the famous Ankor Wat. One feels awed by the sheer beauty of the place.

Emerald Buddha-53

A devotee worshipping

Emerald Buddha-54

Little Buddha in the middle of all the offerings

Before moving to the room where Emerald Buddha is kept, we saw a gallery full of paintings depicting stages in Buddha’s life. In the Emerald Buddha complex, one needs to remove their shoes before going in. Outside the room there is a pot of holy water with lotus flowers. People can sprinkle the holy water on their head and wish from the Emerald Buddha. At the base of the Ordination Hall are many idols of the Garudas holding Nagas.  The motif of Garuda (King of birds and mount of Vishnu) holding a Naga (King of serpents) is believed to have the power to chase away evil spirits.

Emerald Buddha-50

Beautiful paintings on the wall

Emerald Buddha-63

The Emerald Buddha

Emerald Buddha-66

Sprinkled some holy water on myself to get purified 🙂

Photography is not allowed inside the hall, so we took a few shots of the emerald Buddha statue from outside. The green Buddha statue is adorned with golden dress which differs seasonally. As it was winter, the Buddha statue was covered in a golden shawl.

Emerald Buddha-78

The Grand Palace, straight outta a Fairy Tale ..

Emerald Buddha-Palace

Another of my favourite shots from the palace ..

We then walked past the beautiful giant bonsai gardens towards the grand palace which looked like straight from a fairy tale.   As it was already lunch time and we were behind our schedule, we couldn’t go inside the palace.

It was time to go to the local market to a deck to catch a boat to the Supatra … which was on the opposite side of the bank. After a short ride we reached the restaurant where a platter of food awaited us. The place was indeed very scenic. A sumptuous lunch later, we were headed for another round of pampering to the Rarin Jinda Spa Resort.

Emerald Buddha, Bangkok, a set on Flickr.

Emerald Buddha-39Emerald Buddha-40Emerald Buddha-41Emerald Buddha-42Emerald Buddha-43Emerald Buddha-44

Emerald Buddha-45Emerald Buddha-46Emerald Buddha-47Emerald Buddha-48Emerald Buddha-49Emerald Buddha-50

Emerald Buddha-51Emerald Buddha-52Emerald Buddha-53Emerald Buddha-54Emerald Buddha-55Emerald Buddha-56

Emerald Buddha-57Emerald Buddha-58Emerald Buddha-59Emerald Buddha-60Emerald Buddha-61Emerald Buddha-62

This trip I just blogged about was courtesy the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)


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Location: Emerald Buddha Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Bangkok Thailand

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  1. R Niranjan Das

    Gorgeous temple! Nice captures too.

    • Ekta Kamdar

      Thanks Niranjan,,,,I am glad everyone is liking the pictures i have taken..:)

  2. Indrani

    One beautiful temple! Grand pics!

    • Ekta Kamdar

      Thanks Indrani 🙂

  3. Arti

    Such a colorful temple with such vivid colors! Looks crowded though and rightfully so but the grandeur of the building indeed gives a fairy tale feel! Splendid captures, my favorite is the little Buddha amid offerings, loved it Ekta. 🙂

    • Ekta Kamdar

      Thanks Arti…The temple was indeed very vibrant!

  4. umashankar pandey

    Breathtaking, crystal-clear images. Feels like I am there. Keep on shining!

    • Ekta Kamdar

      Thank you soo much USP :))


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