Pune Skies

Sometime during the Summers, the almost clear skies and with just a few random clouds


Beautiful shades of the sky on one evening. Maybe this is why we call this time of the day, the magical hour.


One day, when the darkness fell, the sky turned into a violent red .. apology for the grainy image, it was too dark


Then one day, the clouds arrived, with the promise of liberating us from the oppressive heat which seemed to stay forever …


The clouds thundered and roared and then it started raining …


A new life came to the World and Mother Earth became Shashya Syamala again .. The magic Monsoons bring !

A series of photographs taken by me, Ekta and my sister during the course of last two months, from the balcony of our flat. No DSLRs were harmed in the making of these photographs and they were entirely taken using a simple Point and Shoot camera. Celebrating monsoons with these photographs !