Photography Tips on Your Trip to Amsterdam

by Ekta


Apr 18, 2013

Beautiful Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city with plenty of stunning sights and breath taking scenery to offer. People who love to take photos of the cityscape will surely have an amazing time in this Dutch city. Tourists frequent Amsterdam because of the vibrant and diverse nightlife that can relieve anyone of stress almost instantly. During the day, the streets are full of interesting things that will surely make travellers reach for their cameras and capture those great moments.

If you want to go for a photo-walk in this beautiful city, you may find the following tips helpful:

1. First, if you are traveling in groups, make sure to get short stay Amsterdam apartments that are near the main roads. This will make you easily accessible to the main attractions in the city. It would also be easier for you to go from one point to another and go back to your rooms to take a rest if necessary.

2. The city has plenty of architectures that make for very interesting photos. Composition is key, so be creative and take photos of the famous establishments at various angles. You might be surprised with the results especially if you try to mix it up.

3. If you want to practice your panning photography skills, you may want to take photos of the locals riding on bicycles. Bikes are known to be very popular in Amsterdam so chances are you’d spot plenty every now and then. Try to practice your panning skills and take snapshots of anyone biking their way through the city.

4. The famous red light district can make for a very interesting subject. The various coffee shops and windowed establishments in the area can give you great photos. Make sure though to be discreet and take photos from a distance. You wouldn’t want to get much attention from the people in this area, as you may end up with a broken camera, or worse, limbs. Be a responsible street photographer and be observant. Try not to overstay your welcome and leave after taking a couple of photos.

These are just some of the tips that you may find useful when you go roaming the streets of Amsterdam armed with your camera and other gears. Make sure to enjoy your stay as well and feel free to shoot photos of just about anything. You’ll never know what will become as a very compelling photo if you’ll be too restrictive with your subjects.

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