Mozambique Travel Information: How much it costs, Vaccinations and Tips

by Puru


Jan 27, 2013

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It takes at least two months to discover the main wonders of Mozambique, but when you have only two weeks, the choice of the stages of travel, especially with the endless distances, must be carefully considered. We started exploring this land, which is still little known, from all the information that you need to get there.



Most of the travellers do not opt for on insurance but you have to put in mind that you are traveling in South Africa and the risks are way bigger than the ones that you can have in USA or Europe. If you are going to visit more countries in the south (South Africa) then it will be cheaper to go for a multi trip travel insurance.


By plane is the most convenient way to fly to Maputo, the capital of the country. It is located to the south, a little more than one hundred kilometers from the border with South Africa (also in this case the two vectors are). The cheapest way is the Ethiopian Airlines and the choice of consistent quality is  Qatar Airways. Often the prices of the two are very close, but do not be fooled by differences that are around fifty euro: If you have the chance to choose, then go for the company of Qatar. For both the cost is higher than the one Europe-Johannesburg: then count around 700 euro (booking at least three months before the winter of Mozambique).


If you plan to arrive at the airport then you will be issued a visa there. It costs around 45 euro and the only problem is the paperwork. If you choose to cross the border by land through the bus then we advise you to get a visa at the Mozambican embassy in your country. The cost is the same and within three weeks you will have an entry in the pages of your passport: fill in a form on the website of the embassy, ​​pay the newsletter and send the document. Warning: if you arrive from South Africa you will need made a stamp out, remember you do it (in an office over the frontier, in Mozambique you will get the entry stamp).


The situation is more complex compared to South Africa. Recommended by the European health authorities are the following points: in addition to malaria prophylaxis (the one with the Malarone is expensive but not by any side effect in case you are in good health), here is the vaccine against cholera (two vials, also protects against diarrhea traveler), the typhoid (three tablets) and hepatitis A (injection). It’s up to you to choose what to do; of course the chance of contracting one of these diseases exists.

Metical is the currency in Mozambique. The exchange rate is roughly this: 100 Meticais (plural of Metical) are 3 euro. Be careful when you withdraw money in the bank (click here for more info). Most banks allow a withdrawal of up to 5,000 meticais, ie 150 euro, when you might be forced to stop often at the bank.

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