Intelligent, Moody and Naughty … that is Heena for you. At times you can find her sitting with the meditative pose as given in the photograph; like someone in deep contemplation over the problems of the world. On some other occasion,  she may be found dragging another kid across the room – by his legs.

 She is mad after chocolates, she can eat four Dairymilks one after the another. But when she asks for chocolates, she won’t demand for a big one for her, instead she will ask you to bring the 10 Rs ones for all the kids.

This doesn’t mean that you can be friends with Heena if you bring chocolates. She is very choosy in making friends and you need to be a great person if she has to decide whether she will do the sums you give to her.

She hates maths, and so do I. So we make a great teacher – student pair 🙂

BTW , do you also think that she looks a lot like Amelie ?

Heena lives at the Eklavya Nyasa in Pune, where I go to teach every week as a member of Bhumi. In the coming weeks, I would be coming up with a series on our kids from Eklavya and their stories – my own small way to spread the word.

Heena, some more photos on Flickr.

Heena - Frame makingWhat a pose !During a story telling sessionContemplative moodBody builder :)
The Eklavya Kids : Heena 1