Boundless Saga of Love ~ Debanjali Sen

by Ekta


Sep 9, 2012

Boundless Saga of Love

Boundless Saga of Love

Boundless Saga of Love is the second novel by Debanjali Sen, a Biotech Professional who has turned into a full time content writer and an author. Her passion for literature has guided her to write books, poems and short stories, most of which are now under publication.

The main characters in the story are Samarth, a happy-go-lucky software guy and Anisha. a shy, emotional girl. The book is about their love story based in the city of Joy, Kolkata. They meet while commuting by the Metro and Samarth instantly falls for her. After waiting several weeks, he finally gathers the courage to ask her to be friends with him. Initially, Anisha is sceptical but slowly even she starts liking him. This marks the beginning of their love story. They decide to have a date at each metro station as a tribute to the place where they first met. It is at these dates that something eventful happens and their love grows stronger. It is at one of these dates they meet an unknown old Dadu who, going forward, helps them in convincing their parents to unite forever. How the boundless saga of love becomes a tale of endless wait is an interesting turn towards the end of the story.

It has been a good attempt by Debanjali to write a love story. Through the book, the mood is happy and romantic, so the ending seems a little unexpected. But, nevertheless the twist helps add novelty to the monotonous and predictable story. I particularly liked the sequence where Samarth and Anisha meet Dadu and get to know his story from Masi.

However, there are some shortcomings too. I kept on waiting for something that will make me sit up in admiration, but that never really happened.  Investing some time in building the characters and show how they developed feelings towards each other would have helped engage the audience better. Many of the dates were stretched and boring at places. The use of certain words like ‘Idiot’ becomes very repetitive and could have been avoided.

All-in-all it was a decent read and will surely find fans among the Kolkata teenagers. Looking forward to see more from the author..


Book:Boundless Saga of Love
Author:Debanjalee Sen
ISBN-13:9789380349640, 978-9380349640
Publishing Date:2012
Number of Pages:224

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