Top 10 Things To Do In Malaysia For Tourists

by Puru


Aug 31, 2012

Malaysia holidays provide tourists of all ages with the adventure of a lifetime.  This country is culturally rich, friendly, modern, and comfortable.  Its cuisine is legendary, both on the streets as well as in the many restaurants, and shopping is an adventure in itself.  Here are the top 10 things that should not be missed while visiting.

1.  While in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers are a sight to behold.  They contain a complex that houses conference halls and office buildings along with a 50-acre park and upscale shopping complex.


Menara KL by Night

2.  The only building taller in the city is the Menara KL Tower.  Soaring over 1300 feet (421 meters) high over the city, it is one of the most recognizable and popular landmarks around and provides a spectacular view that’s hard to beat.

3.  For those seeking a retreat, Cameron Highlands is located in Pahang State.  Due to its elevation it offers a moderate climate and pleasant temperatures.  The area sports both French and Japanese-style villages and is considered one of the most family-friendly places in the area.

4.  If your trip takes you to Penang, Georgetown Historic City is considered a “must-see.” This area is a tourist “hot spot” that embraces a modern style while retaining its colonial elegance.  It has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO, but still manages to sport some of the rowdiest pubs and swankiest shopping complexes around.

5.  While there a visit to Flagstaff Hill (aka Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera) provides weary travelers a break from the city’s heat.  At 2693 feet (821 meters) above sea level, it has one of the most spectacular views of the island and is a very popular destination for those visiting Penang.


Penang Colonial Ruins

6.  The Melaka Historic District of Malacca is not only home to many historic attractions, but is also well-known for its Nyonya cuisine.  One of the advantages of visiting this area is that tourists are treated to the heritage of the region that makes it so unique.

7.  For those prefer to experience the rich marine life and pristine nature of Malaysia, Redang Island in Terengganu State is a short 27 miles (45km) from the mainland.  Divers and outdoor enthusiasts find the area especially exhilarating.

sunset at Langkawi

Sunset at Langkawi

8.  Another island that provides a very unique experience is Langkawi Island which is home to an Oriental Village as well as a cable-car that takes visitors up to the second highest peak on the island, Mat Cincang.  The TelagaTujuh Waterfalls are clearly visible on the ride up and, once atop the peak, the view is breathtaking.

9.  One of the favorite destinations for those that enjoy variety is in Sabah-Borneo, Malaysia’s capital.  Not only does the city fulfill a variety desires, but also is home to Kinabalu National Park where Borneo Peak provides a challenge to climbers of all levels.

10. Whether traveling with the family or not, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Petaling Jaya delights travelers of all ages.  Whether taking in the World of Adventure, Waters of Africa, or Wild Wild West, this destination will ensure a fun-filled adventure that will be long remembered.

Image courtesy for Kualalumpur Panaroma: Greig Houghton,

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  1. Hemanshu Narsana

    Well written and covers a lot, but I’d say Sabah-Borneo deserves more points.. we were there and it’s plain AWESOME.

    • Puru

      Thanks Hemanshu .. will try to include some more details 🙂


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