Beautiful Times in US – Boston

by Ekta


Jun 24, 2012

With just the last weekend in hand, I planned to visit some friends in Boston. So, I took the NJ Transit to Newark Station from where I took the Bolt Bus service to Boston. The bus was fully equipped with wifi and my tourney went smooth and uneventful.

Next morning, we had taken a full day pass and so subways and bus fares were included in the same.

First, we started from the famous Harvard school of business. Beautiful buildings, a huge campus and feeling of’ Wish I studied here’ 😛

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 1

Harvard University

Then we went to the MIT campus. It was more beautiful with the campus on one side and the Charles River flowing opposite to it. MIT buildings are named after famous scientists like Darwin,Newton,Archimedes.

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 2

MIT Campus

Walking from the MIT campus I saw the astounding Boston Skyline – Tall buildings reaching for the sky. At the other end we saw the Charles River Bridge. People there seemed a lil crazy to me. The temp. was less than 0 degrees and still no one seemed to care. They went on with their jogging like it was a normal day. I was impressed by the dedication towards fitness and exercise.

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 3

Boston Skyline

We mainly traversed the city on foot, eating and taking pictures where we felt. Next place was the Christian Science Mother Church. It’s a global family committed to following the inspiring, practical, healing, and transforming Christianity which Jesus taught though Love. Moving around the church we saw more of the Boston’s picturesque buildings.

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 4

Christian Science Mother Church

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 5

Sky scrapers

Later in the day we picked Ria from the Boston South Station. From there started the second part of site seeing. We visited the famous Boston Harbour where the Boston Tea Party protest started. Now the harbour is a place where one can get on a cruise, go whale watching or have dinner at the scenic ship restaurants.

Beautiful Times in US - Boston 6


Our last destination before getting back home was the Quincy Market. It’s a small market place where you’ll get the most funkiest stuff. I saw bead work, small art displays, beautiful purses, t-shirts and what not.. Mind you.. this tourists attraction sure is a little expensive.

Having roamed so much the first day, we just thought to take a break. The chilling winds has actually made our bodies stiff and numb. We relaxed at home before leaving for Pennslyvania

With just one more week in hand in US I was feel happy and sad. Happy to go back home…happy to have met all my old friends…happy to have visited so many places in such a short span of time…and sad coz I didn’t know when I was going to be back!

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About the Author


A Business Analyst who lives in Pune, Maharashtra. She loves traveling and has acquired the hobby of taking photographs. Believes in living life to the fullest and is always cheerful. Co-owner of Shadows Galore.

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  1. sunil deepak

    Fabulous images

    • Ekta Kamdar

      Thanks a Lot..:))

  2. Bhavana Upadhyaya

    Boston is a lovely city. Your photos are sweet and narrative is cool.

    I am reminded of my own visit there many years. Interestingly after a drink too many, I walked the streets of Boston for hours till I reached Harvard some 3 am in the morning. My camera shot from that night of the same building that you took above is quite interesting…

    In btw have you tried the coffee shops there near Harvard? They are so cool and it is fun watching the nerds having their discussions 🙂

    • Ekta Kamdar

      I missed the coffee shops…it would have been interesting to see the nerds talk…:P


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