Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhof gardens 1

Keukenhoff – Though we still wear overcoats and scarfs but we have day light till 10 pm.Though I still feel as much cold as I used to feel earlier but people say it is Spring time in Netherlands.

And what people do in Netherlands during this time – visit Keukenhoff, the largest flower garden in the world housing numerous varieties of flowers mainly Tulips. That’s the place to see spring blossom.

Keukenhof gardens 2

Flowers flowers everywhere

The Gardens are situated in a small town called Lisse which is about 30 mins drive from Amsterdam.It opens for only two month every year. Catering to the needs of tourists, specials buses are arranged between Amsterdam and Lisse every hour during this period.

We started our journey in the morning around 09:30 am with ‘Paranthas n Sabzi’ packed in our bags like a typical Indian picnic trip. As we entered the town Lisse, we could see the long Red , Yellow …..many coloured strips in the fields. It appeared to me like designs made by Rangoli colors.

Keukenhof gardens 3

Colorful lanes

Then our bus passed very close to a flower field and the sudden reaction of every one around was a ‘Scream’ of excitement n thrill. The first sight was breathtaking. A huge bed of Red Tulips!.

Keukenhof gardens 4

Beautiful Garden

Keukenhof gardens 5

Beautiful beds of flowers and greenery by the waterfront

We entered the gardens there were flowers everywhere. They were in every possible color and combination one can think of. The beautiful art work done with flowers by the caretakers was amazing. The flowers are grown in specially designed pattern fields and with matching or contrast color combinations. You won’t find such an abundance of colors and fragrances anywhere else.

Keukenhof gardens 6

Bed of Tulips 🙂

In the afternoon we took bikes(bicycles) on rent and after 4 km of ride reached the huge tulip fields. At last I reached my Dream Destination.

Standing in the middle of fields, Tulips in every possible color spread in hectares around you – Heaven of what I could think of. Honestly speaking, I was thanking God that he had given me a chance to see this beauty.

Keukenhoff – Visiting time – From Mid March till Mid May.

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  1. Ruchi Sunandan

    Indeed a visual treat! all the colours are lively & happy!! 

  2. neha

    wow, beautiful flowers tulips are. Reminded me of the tulip garden at Srinagar 🙂

  3. Leo Ashu23

    Thanks Neha and Ruchi.. It was such a beautiful experience to be there.


  4. Gagan

    Awesome Place !!!

  5. Parul Priyadarshini

    wow….reminded me of Silsila’s song……u r blessed to visit this place…:)

    • Puru

      Sure it does with all those Tulips.. Ashu was lucky to be there 🙂


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