MUST Visit Places in Cornwall

by Adriana


Apr 7, 2012

MUST Visit Places in Cornwall 1Lying in the west of Britain in United Kingdom is a county and the so called Cornwall. It is a place surrounded by seas with splendid coastline plus the enchanting harbour of fishes and one of the best surf places around the country.

As one will try to visit the place, it is expected that the place will be loved and anyone will definitely stay longer than planned. In this case, Cornwall has a wide-range of log cabin holidays that vary from the simplest to the most luxurious place to stay.

Cornwall not only caters the beauty of the nature but the history as well. The wild and magnificent Bodmin Moor, its prehistoric remains, and the place surrounded with different significant stories are just some of the things that will surely make you love the place.

The following are also some of the places you should not miss upon your visit to Cornwall:

MUST Visit Places in Cornwall 2

The Moorland. Image Courtesy

The Moorland � It is located in the west of Cornwall. A truly legendary and mysterious place with lots of tales is this wide granite moorland which surrounds King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. What makes the land mystifying is that it is the land near Dozmary Pool where King Arthur rowed and received the sword Excalibur.

MUST Visit Places in Cornwall 3

Duckpool Beach. Image Courtesy:

The Duckpool Beach � Looking for a serene place? This romantic cove in Cornwall with a small beach is the best one for you. This location will truly make you feel the serenity of your stay in Cornwall. Though this place is a bit wild, which will make you think to stay at any log cabin holidays in Cornwall, but it is definitely one of the less crowded beaches during holiday seasons.

MUST Visit Places in Cornwall 4

Victoria Garden. Image Courtesy:

The Victoria Gardens � If a touch of nature is what captures your heart the most, this place is the perfect one for you. The Victoria Gardens is originally made to give honor to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The place is surrounded with different and not so familiar shrubs, beautiful flowers and big trees. Every summer season, the place is being used as the venue for concerts and other events.

These are just some of the MUST visit places in Cornwall. Truly, most people love to travel and everyone wants it to be a memorable one. A piece of advice in having your holiday trip in Cornwall, choose the best log cabin holidays because after a long walk or activity, it is where you will take your rest that will make the next day a brand new day to have fun.


About the Author:

Samantha Harvey is a lawyer from South Western Terrace who really finds time to relax and unwind. Traveling and exploring the world is her forever passion. Every time she travels, she makes it to a point to find relaxing log cabin holidays so she could feel the real meaning of a vacation. She always believes that everyone deserves a break from the busy life of working since she is in a busy world due to her line of work. Managing a trip every two or three months is her hobby because she believes that life is too short so it must be lived to the fullest. As of the moment, the and Lake District is her favorite place to stay at.

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