How did I start blogging?

by Puru


Mar 13, 2012

This post is inspired by a forum post in indiblogger asking people how did they start blogging. Well, I am a relative newbie to blogging / travel blogging and photography but I too have a story. Without much ado, lets see how it all started.

  1. April, 2010: Great Lakes: After 4 years of work, Great Lakes happened to me. 300 young, vibrant and energetic people around me 24×7 and some of them were great photographers. Gladiators (as our batch was named) were great company and made wonderful models for photos. Looking at other photographers and their work (and thinking that it was cool to have a big camera), I too wanted to be a photographer.
  2. June, 2010: Camera: Though I decided to become a cool photographer, there was a big hurdle – I had no Camera (!) and I had never handled one!!! So with my zero knowledge about Digital Cameras, one night I knocked at the door of one of those photographers and asked him what camera should I buy. He asked if I knew photography, and I lied saying yes had a good experience. So he wrote a name in a chit and told me to buy that one whenever I went to Chennai. Well that’s how I ended up with a D3000 without an idea on how to use it.
  3. June 2010-Nov 2010: Photography: Now since I had a camera, had to learn it anyway. So started with the user manual, read it like Ramayana and then would go and bug the photographers. The Photography Club of my college helped us a lot by conducting late night training sessions. By Nov 2010, I had graduated from the Auto to the Manual mode. 🙂
  4. Nov 2010: Blog: Finally in Nov 2010, I decided to take part in a photography competition of some B School. Its prerequisite was that I should have a Flickr account or a Photo blog. Now Flickr, I never understood in those days so thought of creating a blog. Since the theme of the competition was Shadows in black and white, named it Shadows Galore. However, this “blog” remained unused thereafter  for almost 7 months. 
  5. July 2011: Shadows Galore 1.0: College over. Was in my new job and on bench. So all I would do all day was to browse the internet. One day I came across a blog called Me and Frenchie. It was the travelogue of a French couple all over the world. It got me hooked so much that I started thinking that being no less than Marcopolo myself; I should also write something about my trips and become a Travel Writer ASAP. So after a discussion with Ekta, the photo blog was taken out from its mothballed existence, dusted and put on web again that night. This was Shadows Galore 1.0

    How did I start blogging? 1

    Shadows Galore1.0

  6. Oct 2011: Shadows Galore 2.0: Three Months down the line, Shadows Galore has some 25 posts and 9000 visitors! It was overwhelming! But there was a problem. Being on the Blogger platform, flexibility was very less and I just wasn’t able to put a photo gallery in the blog with breaking functionalities. So after a lot of deliberation and research, shelled out some $50 and bought a hosting, learned how to use WordPress, took 2 days leave from office and kept working on it endlessly. The end product was almost what you see now, not as beautiful as that Blogger blog of mine, but much more flexible.

    How did I start blogging? 2

    Shadows Galore 2.0

Phew! This is my story. I must say, that in these months of blogging, I have met wonderful people and have been so happy. Creating something is so beautiful! I must thank you all for the constant support you have shown. Am grateful! 🙂

Update: Shadows Galore 3.0 is here .. you are actually on it ! 🙂

PS: How did you start blogging? Will you share your story with us?

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About the Author


Puru is an IT Project Manager from Pune, India and an avid blogger. He is passionate about travel, photography, cinema and books. He blogs on Shadows Galore, Art House Cinema, The Mutinous Indian and Antarnaad.

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    • Puru

      Cool .. so you just started one day ?

  1. Dee..

    Great post 😀
    wondering how can you recall dates ?
    will try a similar post…
    great way you made so we may be using it…

    • Puru

      Thanks Deepak.. Actually I do not recall dates, just the months 🙂

  2. meena

    hey puru. i kept thinking where u vanished and no post from you since ages. now this is good post really good post.. what memories here.

    my memory hmm yeah wud definately share from what i started and what i have become now

    • Puru

      haha, I was thinking of the same about you Meena, that where have you vanished these days. Time to hear from you how you got hooked to blogging 🙂

      • meena

        hahaha u gave me a good topic to write. would surely let u know . but where did u go off. havent seen u at all

        me had been posting a lot of recipes lately hehe and some other good stuff, which you missed

        • Puru

          Overburdened by the work here .. after 10-12 hours in office, was just unable to write anything or follow up on fellow bloggers for past few weeks. Only now has the noose started loosening. Will check your blog when I go home today 🙂

  3. Saru (@SaruSinghal)

    Good to know that and you know I just decided on 14th june last year to share my poems online. Just like that…

    • Puru

      Wow Saru! I used to think being such an established blogger, you must be blogging from a long time. Did not know that its so new. Well you confirm my faith that the quality of the blog is the most important factor in its success. I love your poems by the way 🙂

      • Saru

        I am surfing your site from the past half an hour. I think the shot on the FB was so beautiful, I practically surfed your work everywhere; on FB, on twitter. 

        Brilliant work. Wish this become one of the renowned sites very soon. And hope I can borrow some shots from here for my blog. 🙂

        • Puru

          As long as my blog has patrons like you, I will keep blogging forever 🙂 .. Regarding the photographs, you are welcomed to download them and use them anytime.  

  4. Akshay Kumar G

    Really nice to know how you started your blogging journey Puru. You made me want to write about how I started by blogging journey. Maybe I will write about it soon. 🙂 Glad to have found your blog now. 🙂

    • Puru

      Thanks Akshay. I am sure it will be an incredible story 🙂

  5. Antara

    That is such a fabulous story! I, sadly, don’t have one. I think I just went “Let’s open a blog” about 3-4 years ago. I was 14 or 15 I guess, wanted to try out everything! 😛

    • Puru

      Thanks Antara. As you see, I was not that spontaneous. It happened in phases like a set of iterations 🙂


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