How To Plan A Fishing Trip And Where?

by Baljinder


Dec 18, 2011

Whether you are an aspiring angler or a novice, a fishing trip is fun for anyone who chooses to go for it. A lot of people do deep sea fishing for fun, though there are people who are making a living out of it. We all plan our vacations once in a year, preferably in summers. How about a fishing trip this time? Now planning a fishing trip entirely depends upon your traveling budget. You can go fishing using five thousand dollars worth of equipment, or simply a crooked stick and a six-foot line. You need not be a skilled adventurer or aficionado of the great outdoors to go on a fishing trip.

The fishing trip will give you a great opportunity to recline in a quiet environment of some serene hilly area. Careful planning will help you in having a more enjoyable time during your fishing expedition. Here are a few things that can help you in planning for a fishing trip:

Where to go?

Be cautious while choosing a fishing destination. It is best to look for options on line. Booking a trip to an unknown place is a bit dicey, so it is good to research your destination before getting on the plane. There is no substitute for good research, as fishing trip involves a lot of money. You choice of place for a fishing trip is influenced by a lot of factors like ease of access, available water, available species, weather, luxurious accommodations, or mountainous beauty. Some people would not even mind to face the winds and rain for a fishing place of their choice.

When to go?

If you want to catch a particular species of fish you have to plan your trip accordingly. You would find a lot of information on the websites, where lodge owners flaunt the variety of fish available in every season. But it is not possible that the species you’re after is always available, even if it is listed in brochure or website. You make a call or drop a mail to know about the available species. Get a list of references, and actually call them. You must know about how comfortable are the accommodations. It is better to book furnished apartments if you are going on a fishing trip for about a week.

Places for fishing:

Galveston, Texas is one of the most recognized places on the planet for fishing in the deep sea. Bluffers Park is a fabulous spot for fishing in Toronto. You can catch brown trout & lake trout from casting from the rocks in the spring, while later in spring and through summer, you can catch chinook & coho salmon, & steel-head.

But before you hit the road, budget your trip and don’t forget to calculate airfare and accommodation. It is not a good idea to take a boat-full of kids fishing, so if you take your kids along, shore-fishing is the best option.

Happy Fishing!


A Guest Post by Baljinder from Canada

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