A Trek to Tada Falls

by Purnendu Singh


Jul 22, 2011

The Summit at a distance

I would not call it a trek, half of the time it was rock climbing! But anyway, we were planning this trip for long time. There a few detractors who tried their best to persuade us away from this trip, but after we were done with it, I could say that they missed out on something wonderful.
Planning started with a search for the right vehicle. Finally, we ended up with a Tata Indica for 4 of us. The day started by giving/receiving wake up calls. The journey started with surprise that the driver was fluent in English! After picking up everyone, we started our journey to Tada at 5:30 AM. It was pleasant weather this morning with drizzling in between. We took a tea break around 6:30 AM where we enjoyed hot idly-sambhar, just before joining NH5.

The rocky path along the stream


We reached Tada Basecamp 1 (Parking spot) at around 9 AM. The weather was wonderfully cloudy. Mr. Fair and Handsome (Madhu), the man with a perpetual Hangover (that’s me!) and two prospective CFA (Omkar and Ankur) formed the troupe. The starting point indicated detailed map of this place which Mr. Handsome captured with his blackberry! Then we moved on to iron bridge which led us to “Tree Top View point”, which gave a view of the summit we had to reach. Then there was a water stream which we crossed successfully without getting our shoes wet. On the way were natural pools with queer names as Royal Tub, Mango Groove. As we moved on, we came to a Shiva temple and crossed the stream a second time. Most people come only up to this point to have a family picnic and go back as the walk (?) goes increasingly difficult from here. After this point, we went almost along the stream, trying to find our way out of nowhere.


Rocky Road


We treaded slowly on our way by the stream till we reached a point where there was pool of clean water and a 10 feet high rock challenging us to go ahead. Some more difficult rocks ahead we came to the first water fall, the sight was beautiful but we could not take any photographs as we had put the camera inside by this time due to the difficult and treacherous terrain. The water was cold and crystal clear, forming oval pool under the fall. There we got to know that the real waterfall was further up the hill and the way we were shown was frightening! It was 10-12 feet of straight rock covered with moss! Ankur and Madhu gave up after seeing this “path”. Finally with some help, Omkar scaled rock and again came down to prove that this rock can be conquered. This made me give it a second thought and finally both of us went up. Now onwards, the hike was very difficult, but with ample effort and some luck, we made it to the destination.

In words of Omkar, it was one of the most memorable moments of his life to stand under the waterfall which seemed to have the capacity to move heavy turbines. We were in no mood to move away from that wonderful place but it was time to come back to Madhu and Ankur. the way downhill was relatively faster but we could not find them at the point where we left them. After quite a bit of frantic search, we found them having fun in the pool below! Needless to say, we took no time to jump into the water!

On the way back we clicked some happy moments on the way back and reached back to parking lot! It was very hot by the time we reach back so we were quick to rush back to our Indica and turn on the AC! By the time we reached Chennai, it was 5:00 PM.

~ Write up courtesy Omkar

Rs 2000.00
Rs 250.00
Rs 48.00
Entry Charge (4 persons + 1 camera)
Rs. 160.00

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Rocky Road The Summit at a distanceThe First Stream crossingThe rocky path along the streamGoing along the streamSheltered
Tired but not out yetThe SummitThe three companions

A Trek to Tada Falls 1
A Trek to Tada Falls 1
A Trek to Tada Falls 1


Tada Falls, a set on Flickr.

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  1. Mridula

    Sounds like a nice trek!

    • Puru

      It was a very difficult one though, no clear path and too much jumping over big boulders. My shoes got torn 🙁 .

    • Puru

      Going thru your post 😛


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