Chennai-scape: Silhouettes at Marina Beach

It was at 5 AM in the morning when I reached Marina Beach in Chennai, just two days before I left the city. The light was still less and people moved around like shadows. So I thought of capturing some of these shadows for my memory. Hope you like them.

A Still Merry Go Round

Kids trying “trick” photography

A crow waiting to announce day break

A couple sitting on a boat

While a group of photographers get ready with their gear

And as there is light , a couple stands there lost in the beauty of nature and love

So these were my attempt at capturing silhouettes on the beach. Very soon there was daybreak and like others, I got busy trying to take in the vibrant activities that envelop the shore. Sometime later .. :)

PS: Most photographs of this post have been shared with Sudha, who agreed to let me do a guest post on her awesome blog.

  • Amit Agarwal

    Hey Puru, they’re awesome man! I liked the first and  fourth ones the most:)

    • Puru

      Thanks Amit. Am glad you liked the photographs :)

    • Puru

      Thanks Amit, there is a better version of the first one, on Sudha’s blog. Hope you like that too :)

  • Maneesh Goal

    Beautiful images!

    • Puru

      Many Thanks Maneesh :)

  • Ashwini Dighe

    Nice captures!! Here is a surprise waiting for you –

  • indu chhibber

    You picked a very fine time to shoot—& got very unusual pics .

    • Puru

      Unusual, that may be good as well as bad, but I assume you are saying good  :) Thanks Indu :) 

  • Alka narula

    wow , love the hue in all the pics !

    • Puru

      Thanks Alka :)

  • Ekta

    I just love the second pic….captured the moment….

  • joshi daniel

    cool life pictures :)

    • Puru

      Thanks Joshi :)