Wayanad will take your breath away

by Ekta


Sep 13, 2016


Photo courtesy – Flickr (Kalidas Pavithran)

Explore Kerala’s northern tropical forests with its lush greenery and untouched beauty. There’s nothing like being an explorer and setting your sights by staying at one of the resorts in Wayanad district near the Kerala and Karnataka border.

On drives, it can be tricky to negotiate the hairpin bends on the steep and curvy Kerala roads. Fresh cool breeze and wildlife come alive and bring the Western Ghats to life.

A trip to the Chembra Peak measuring 6,900 feet is a good spot to start your trek. A panoramic view of the Meppadi town can be seen at the top. A wide range of migratory birds settle at the lake at the bottom and flock to the Vaithair, Karapuzha and Banasurasagra Dam.

The Western Ghats have several forms of birdlife. The calls of the Hornbill and Giant Squirrel are loud and distinct. The streams that intertwine at junctions gargle and fade into the background. Swimming and fishing make great adventure sports in the shallow parts of the river.

The Chain Tree helps revisit pilgrims’ spirituality and the view of the forests from the top is mind-boggling. A fun way to enjoy the route off the beaten path is by cycle. The tea estates, coffee plantations and the muddy roads pass lush green avenues and small cottages!

In nearby villages, the common folk perform traditional dances like the Kerala-styled Kathakali dance and the Kalaripayattu martial arts performance.



Wayanad has a lot of indigenous tribes that dot the forests and several plantations have a lot of walk-ins. Known for its hills and valleys, it draws avid nature lovers and bird watchers.

Wayanad is simply magical and it’s calming presence and spectacular greenery make it truly God’s own country. For that much needed break to unwind, Wayanad is definitely the place to be for an experience of a lifetime.

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  • Location: Kerala, India
  • Best Season: Oct-Feb

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A Business Analyst who lives in Pune, Maharashtra. She loves traveling and has acquired the hobby of taking photographs. Believes in living life to the fullest and is always cheerful. Co-owner of Shadows Galore.

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  1. AnnikaGab457

    This island with an untouched beauty filled with these greenery mountains makes Wayanad looks fascinating. I find this place very charming, in fact this is my first time hearing about it. This folk’s traditional dancing is very unique. I wish I could witness Kalarippayattu in person too.

    Annika | 457 Australia

  2. Shrinidhi Hande

    For Kalaripattu I think one needs to go down south… Hard to find in Wayanad in my opinion

  3. Ademar Arau

    Wow Such a lovely post. Wayanad is the best places to visit in Kerala. I am planning to visit Kerala from last few months but not able to go. Can anybody suggest me which month is suitable for me for a Kerala trip. I want to explore backwaters of Kerala, Munnar hills, Kovalam beach. Thanks for the great information.

    • Puru


      Welcome to Shadows Galore. Regarding Kerala, the best season is when the weather is slightly cooler, that is after the monsoons and before onset of summers. I will suggest anytime in Nov/Dec/Jan. You will love the place.


  4. Nikhil Nair

    A well-written article with some truly stunning photographs. Kudos 🙂


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