Wagah Border is the boundary dividing India and Pakistan. The flag lowering/ Beating Retreat ceremony is followed by the military forces of both the countries.

Wagah Border Ceremony

The spectacular Wagah Border ceremony, attracts many tourists from both sides of the border. It takes place everyday before sunset on the border which is part of the Grand Trunk Road, the only road connecting India and Pakistan before 1999 when the Aman Setu was opened in Kashmir. The ceremony starts with a synchronized parade by the soldiers from both the sides,opening of the iron gates and perfectly coordinated lowering of the two national flags. The flags are then folded and the ceremony ends as the soldiers retreat after a handshake followed by the closing of the gates. The ceremony is famous for its theatrical choreography and has been filmed and broadcaster across the world.

Please note that Cellphones, Cameras (any kind), men’s wallets are allowed.Covered bags and purses are not allowed in the visitor area.The Jawans may allow transparent plastic bags with some snacks and children articles.