GoGappa Passport Holders

by Ekta


Nov 18, 2015

Managing documents and money is the top most priority for any traveler. When we go to foreign lands, our passport is our identity and keeping it safe is necessary. Passports are quiet boring for their importance. The bland black booklet, with the worst of our pictures usually lay hidden in the deepest pockets of the bag. All passports look the same and there is little one can do to accessorize and personalize them.


GoGappa (Urby) Travel Together Passport Holders

It was a pleasant surprise to get these stylish  Mr. and Mrs. Travel together passport holders from Urby on GoGappa.com . Uniquely designed, crafted from premium soft leather, these passport holders are in two distinct colors – Black and Red. The holders don’t only have pocket for passport but can also some quick access slots to hold your credit cards, boarding passes and more.


Ultra chic, premium leather Passport Holders


Ample pockets to hold your travel essentials

GoGappa is a Mumbai based brand that develops some interesting and elegant range of products. Their products include designer Wallets,  Jewelry cases and accessory box, Mobile covers and more.  I can vouch that the quality has a feel-good factor around it and the finish and personal touch can make anyone happy.

They even add personalization to their products in their unique style. Our Passport holders have our names embossed in beautiful gold!


Beautiful Personalization!

Do check out their website for their complete range of passport holders. As a special offer from us, you can avail an exclusive 11% discount on your purchase by using the code ‘SDWGALORE‘ before 31st Dec 2015… So go on enjoy some luxury, GoGappa style!

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