Fitness on the go with GOQii

by Ekta


Mar 31, 2015

During our recent visit to Rajasthan, while climbing up a steep hill in Bundi to see the famous Bundi fort, I remember how i was struggling to breath. That was when I decided that ignoring health could affect my travel(esp. when I love trekking and adventure sports) and something needs to be done.

In today’s fast paced life, maintaining fitness and a balanced diet has become increasingly difficult. For people like us who love travelling, tracking our health, food and exercise during our time out is tough. So how do you stay in shape as you travel, enjoy the food you love and relax without gaining weight. The hectic schedules are accompanied by irregular food intake, surplus of calories plus reduced exercise which is particularly a bad combination for our physiques.

So when the GOQii team approached us to try out their new band as part of the #BeSummerReady campaign, I knew I wanted to do it.


GOQii Band!

The GOQii band helps me track my daily movement and even prompts if I have been inactive way too long. The phone app that syncs with the band, helps me enter the food and water intake along with any exercises I do. The best part about this program is a personal coach. Coach is like a mentor who guides you to achieve your desired goals.

Making a resolution to have a healthier life style is easier said than done. Having been using the GOQii band since a week now, I am able to track my daily activities and get easy advice on food from my coach. Hoping for good results. Be the Force!

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A Business Analyst who lives in Pune, Maharashtra. She loves traveling and has acquired the hobby of taking photographs. Believes in living life to the fullest and is always cheerful. Co-owner of Shadows Galore.

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  1. Alok Singhal

    Good to know about GOQii…never heard of them earlier!


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