Wilderness Getaway in the Coconino forest!

by Ekta


Dec 5, 2014

Busy in our daily life, juggling home, work and family,  one sometimes yearns for a perfect holiday which could relax the mind and sooth the soul. The calm and peace of a distant place that can provide the necessary time for oneself which we often miss in our hectic lifestyle.

A Frame Cabin

A frame cabin in Coconino Jungle

I was browsing through some the internet, looking for some travel inspiration when I came across this beautiful cabin on Airbnb. This wooden, A framed cute little cottage in the middle of Coconino forests in Flagstaff, AZ, United States that offers an promising lodging space at an an affordable price.

The cabin is surrounded by dense woods and comes up with a horse corral and a chicken coop on the sides. Though the cabin may seem rustic and small but has ample open space and is fully functional. The view from the rooms, of the jungle and the mountains,  is incredible . It would be a great location for a peaceful vacation to unwind and embrace the nature.

This cabin offered through Airbnb is not only fully equipped with things like beds and mattresses, a kitchen, drinking water, firewood, etc. But it also has mountain bikes, BBQ grills, binoculars, and even a sled for the snowy days. So whether you come with an agenda for some adventures in the wilderness or with an aim to just relax in a cozy little place away from all the worries of life, this seems like a perfect option.

Kitchen at the cabin

Fully equipped kitchen!

Merely imagining my own comfortable adobe in mother nature’s lap surrounded by some exotic animals, makes me want to pack my bag and just leave …

So get started  and find your perfect vacation accommodation to suit your unique style! Airbnb has this awesome referral programme that allows me to give all my readers Rs 1,500 to use on your first booking by simply signing up. So what are you waiting for? Join Airbnb today using this link and set out on your next travel adventure!

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  1. Swati Sammie

    we recently stayed at one airbnb and we loved it …. this place looks awesome, perfect place to escape the maddening crowd 🙂


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