The Guards at Wat Pho

by Ekta


Dec 30, 2013

At Wat Pho, there are mysterious statutes of fierce-looking warriors which look like soldiers straight from China’s terracotta army. There statues have a distinct Chinese influence on them and may have been gifted by Chinese kings. What is their purpose? Are they the celestial guards of the temple? Besides these, there are some other funny looking statues also, including one of Marco Polo and a monk.  I found these statues so interesting that have dedicated a post just for them.

Wat Pho Guard

Do you think he looks like Davy Jones of Pirates of Caribbean ?

Wat Pho-Guard 2

Old Guard with an attitude

Wat Pho Guard 3

The silent one ..


He looks a little angry ..

Wat Pho-Marco Polo

Surprisingly, there is a statue of famous traveler Marco Polo too. He continues to inspire travelers world over..

Wat Pho-38

This is the final one, a monk ? I hope so…

This trip to Thailand I just blogged about was courtesy the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).


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