Wonderful Ways to Enjoy the UK

by Puru


Oct 20, 2012


With more of us worrying everyday about cutting the cost of our holiday budget, sometimes we wonder is it even worth bothering going anywhere? The majority would never think about booking a holiday right on our doorstep here in the UK,  here are two budget break ideas both offering a fantastic holiday whatever the requirements, you may just be pleasantly surprised!

B&B Holiday

Many people seem to assume that staying in a hotel has far more advantages than a B&B, however, there are countless benefits to stay in a local B&B and here’s why. Firstly, the quality of service you receive is second to none, despite a B&B costing less than a hotel; it is a much more personal place to stay no matter who the guest. If you are someone who regularly works away from home, it is quite common to choose a B&B, mainly because you are bound to miss your own home comforts, so when there is somewhere who can also offer this, it’s hard to turn that down!

However, when you’re lucky enough to be planning your holiday, a B&B is much more appealing simply because of its comfort. Going on holiday is a wonderful thing, but it’s a known fact that we miss our own space and if you’ve got younger children, they are bound to get homesick at some stage, which is why a B&B is so brilliant, it has a friendly informal feel about it, the total opposite if you were staying in a hotel, and even more so you get your home cooked meal every day of your stay which tends to be the deciding factor for a lot of people!


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Guided Tour

The one difficulty of trying to plan a holiday, is having such a limited time to try and organise everything you want to do to please everyone, which is why choosing a guided tour is such a brilliant way to ensure you get all the things you could possibly want from your trip. There are hundreds to choose from, whether you want to go to all the hot spots in London and just sit back and enjoy whilst your personal guide organises it all.

If you already have a specific itinerary in mind, or want to visit particular locations there are countless tour operators, UK companies and British guides who will be delighted to organise your perfect holiday. Guides are bursting with knowledge and all waiting to share with you travellers wishing to discover England’s fantastic history.

Yet another great benefit of going on a tour for your holiday is that there is something to suit every budget, no matter how big or small it really doesn’t matter, with destinations for families, history-seekers or nature enthusiasts you’re guaranteed a fabulous time!

So there you have two fun, easy and exciting breaks just right on your doorstep. With no need to worry about the hassle of airports, luggage and the locals not understanding what you’re saying what are you waiting for? Get booking!

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