Brunswick Islands – the treasure of North Carolina

by Puru


May 23, 2012

Nestled in the South Eastern Corner of North Carolina, the Brunswick islands are a group of barrier islands famous for their wide pristine beaches and enchanting environment. These islands have attracted tourists with all their natural charms and the overall interest of the traveling community has risen sharply in the recent years. The main attractions in this area are the Bald Head Island, Oak Island and Caswell Beach. There are a total of five islands, six beaches and more than 35 golf courses in this small area. Websites like offer a deeper insight into the delights of the islands.

Bald Head Island is the lies in the northernmost part of the Brunswick Islands. A part of the Smith Island, it got its name from the worn down sand dunes on the South beach which resemble a bald head. This island is home one of the oldest light house of North Carolina, the “Old Baldy” built almost 200 years ago in 1816.  The island is accessible by ferry or private boats and is open for visitors during the day hours. No vehicles are allowed on the island and the rented bicycles are the best way to go around.

Caswell Beach:  Named after Fort Caswell built in 1862, the Caswell Beach offers a plethora of sun, sand and sea. It is the home to the Oak Island Lighthouse. The other attractions are the Museum of South Carolina and the Ingram Planetarium.

Oak Island: Oak Island is the most populous town in the Brunswick Islands. It is famous for its lighthouse which was built in 1958. This lighthouse was the second brightest light house in the world in its heydays. The specialty of this lighthouse is the absence of a spiral staircase which has been replaced by a series of ship ladders with a total of 131 steps leading to the top.  Tourists are allowed only till the second level of the light house on selected Wednesdays and Saturdays. The beach allows many opportunities for water sports likes kayaking and sailing.

Sunset Beach: Located at the Southern most part of the Brunswick Island, the Sunset beach is a beautiful getaway from the noise and crowd of a city. Quite slow paced, this white sandy beach offers a great way to relax and while away time while doing nothing. The beach is a nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle besides being the natural habitat for many varieties of marine life.

Bird Island: Previously separated by water body, the Bird Island is now connected to the Sunset Island. This island offers an opportunity to see the virginal beaches, marshes and wetlands previously untouched by human influence. This island is a habitat of many varieties of birds and sea turtles like Olive Ridley and loggerhead.

Holden Beach: Holden beach is a barrier island which has been ranked among top 10 Family beaches by the Nat Geo’s Traveler Magazine. Connected to the mainland by a bridge, the Holden Beach is the biggest island in the South Brunswick Islands with more than 9 miles of coastline. Golf courses are many in this area and boating, surfing, fishing and hiking are the most popular activities.

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