The Sadhu in Hampi


As a photographer, monks and sadhus have been my weakness and I firmly believe that they are among the most photogenic among us.

This Sadhu was sitting under a cave like structure near Chakratirtha with his eyes closed, looking so much at peace with himself. When I sat near him, he opened his eyes. I asked through gesture if I could take a photograph of him, he nodded in affirmative. So I took this photograph, nodded in thanks and left.

I did not see him the next day when I went there.

  • Saru Singhal

    I think I have missed a lot of posts on Hampi journey but you know I use your site to refer when I plan a trip. Sorry for missing though and a lovely shot. There is something intriguing about the personality of monks and sadhus which every photographer wants to capture. Isn’t it?

    • Puru

      :) Very true. They seem so much at peace with themselves. And thats why I love taking their photographs.

  • Joshi Daniel

    looks great and nice light :)

    • Puru

      Thanks Joshi :)

  • Travelling Slacker

    I clicked the same pic… I think it was teh same guy… it was near the river isn’t it?

    • Puru

      Yes the same Sadhu, who sits near Chakratirtha