The Sadhu in Hampi

The Sadhu in Hampi


As a photographer, monks and sadhus have been my weakness and I firmly believe that they are among the most photogenic among us.

This Sadhu was sitting under a cave like structure near Chakratirtha with his eyes closed, looking so much at peace with himself. When I sat near him, he opened his eyes. I asked through gesture if I could take a photograph of him, he nodded in affirmative. So I took this photograph, nodded in thanks and left.

I did not see him the next day when I went there.

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Puru is an IT Project Manager from Pune, India and an avid blogger. He is passionate about travel, photography, cinema and books. He blogs on Shadows Galore, Art House Cinema, The Mutinous Indian and Antarnaad.

  • Saru Singhal

    I think I have missed a lot of posts on Hampi journey but you know I use your site to refer when I plan a trip. Sorry for missing though and a lovely shot. There is something intriguing about the personality of monks and sadhus which every photographer wants to capture. Isn’t it?

    • Puru

      :) Very true. They seem so much at peace with themselves. And thats why I love taking their photographs.

  • Joshi Daniel

    looks great and nice light :)

    • Puru

      Thanks Joshi :)

  • Travelling Slacker

    I clicked the same pic… I think it was teh same guy… it was near the river isn’t it?

    • Puru

      Yes the same Sadhu, who sits near Chakratirtha


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