Month: October 2011

The surprise at Valluvar Kottam

Today I was called to Valluvar Kottam to meet some friends. Was not prepared for the what presented itself. A huge chariot made apparently of stone inside a monument dedicate to Saint Poet Tiruvalluar. Googled more abut it and and found this here. What a shame that I was not aware of this monument even after 10 years in Chennai! Could not take many pics as was running out of time, a few for your viewing. The Chariot is 40 mts in...

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Pichavaram – The magic of the Mangrove Forests

  What would one do if one is home alone on Deepawali? Sit at home and watch a movie on TV? Well, this time, I chose to sit in a small boat and watch nature in its pristine beauty inside a mangrove forest. It happened this way, it was Diwali eve and all except me had gone to their hometowns. By the stroke of good luck, I got a call from ‘in similar state’ Debdyuti asking if we shall visit someplace. So that was it! We would do what we loved best, travel and take photos. So after a few rounds...

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The Sadhu

  I do not understand why am I so fascinated by Sadhus, they make such interesting subjects. This particular sadhu was sitting in a small cave in Pavagarh.Loved clicking...

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