Hampi Diaries – The Early Morning Trek

An early morning trek into wilderness which took us to the top of the Matanga Hill. A panoramic view of Hampi from the Matanga Rishi’s ashram..

Budget Travel in India

A 5000 years old civilization and one of the culturally most diverse countries in the world, India is the dream of every traveler worth his salt. Being a kaleidoscope of myriad sights, sounds, smells and beliefs India can be overwhelming for a first timer but then is...

Book Hotels in Birmingham

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Munnar, Kerala ..

This was a weird trip as far as planning is concerned. We did all the things which a pro traveler will never do. For starters, we took the wrong route, it should have been via somewhere in Kerala but we landed up in Coimbatore first and then started looking for a way...

The Roman Theatre in Verulamium

It is early evening and there is anticipation and excitement in Verulamium. Shops and businesses have already shut down for the day and all the townspeople have only one destination to head towards that day — the theatre in Verulamium, where a renowned theatre group...



Exploring the Royal Heritage Of Bikaner

Bikaner has a glorious and interesting past; an ordinary taunt that led to a rift among the Rathods and inspired Rao Bikaji to create his own destiny in the middle of the desert, a story of bravery, enterprise and survival…



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