Some of the Finest Tourist Locations in London

If there’s one thing that London has in spades, it’s a series of fantastic tourist locations to visit. With a range of museums, theatres, landmarks, restaurants and shopping meccas to trawl, this sprawling capital has an activity to suit almost any persuasion. And...

Tips To Choose the Best Hotel in Delhi for Your Celebrations or Events

As Delhi emerges into the global marketplace, hosting conferences and events at hotels that can house business colleagues becomes important.

Backpacking across South East Asia -Ta Prohm, Angkor

If Angkor Wat, the Bayon and other temples are a testimony to the genius of the ancient Khmers, Ta Prohm reminds us equally of the awesome fecundity and power of the jungle.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, near Keystone, South Dakota, United States,  is a sculpture carved into the granite rocks of the mountain by Danish-American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum.  It features a 60-foot tall and 5.17 km wide sculptures of the heads of four United States presidents: George Washington (1732–1799), Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919) and Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865).

Munnar, Kerala ..

his was a weird trip as far as planning is concerned. We did all the things which a pro traveller will never do. For starters, we took the wrong route, it should have been via somewhere in Kerala but we landed up in Coimbatore first and then...


Exploring Fort Kochi In A Day

One of the oldest cosmopolitan establishments, having seen residents from all over the world, the beautiful Fort Kochi place is a natural charmer and does not let go easily. 


Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Most travelers will fall prey to a travel scam no matter how hard they try to blend in with the locals. While not all scams can be prevented, it’s important to take extra measures to avoid them. The first step in avoiding a scam is learning how to identify one.

Explore the Most Idyllic Italian Islands

While the Italian mainland offers no shortage of scenic vistas, art and culture, its network of islands offers unspoiled charm. From white sandy beaches to rugged volcanoes, you’ll find an abundance of natural beauty punctuated with open-air terraces and rustic cathedrals.


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